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Mt. Rose

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A.C. or anyone else out there ever ski Mt. Rose?

There was an article in the new issue of Powder about some new steep terrain they just opened up.

Looks like a nice little area with some sick stuff to play on.
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I skied one day there last year, as it hadn't snowed in Tahoe for a while, and the snow was crappy everywhere. Despite this, they had by far better conditions than Alpine Meadows the day before. We should have gone back the last day, but went to Squaw instead as they reported the most snow so far, 7 inches as of that morning, but we should have gone back to Rose as the snow level rose to 8000 feet once the sun came up.

Rose has cheap lift tickets, and an old ski lodge feel. I really liked the place and would go back. It is fairly small but does have some good areas. In the past, the runs would funnel everyone on the viewers right side of the mountain into one relatively flat base area where they also run their ski school. This would be the one down side to Rose, as it seemed as though everyone on the mountain was in one spot.

The new area they are opening up the Chutes, a series of avalanche gullies that in previous years seperated the two sides of the mountains. They have some awsome terrain, but I wouldn't expect them to be open much in their first year of use. From my guestimation, this area also looks very well protected from the wind, which by the way hammers the back side comming out of Nevada desert floor.

Also, if you are thinking of pulling some backcountry around there, when you get to the top, look across the highway tot he actualy mount Rose. You will see next to the highway an arch looking cone that holds snow very well. I'm not sure what the name of the area is, but it is a short hike to get to. There is a description of it on The Backcountry stores website -, and the guys in the Tahoe store can give you better directions.

I'd recommend it if you have a long stay and want to take a day off from the other resorts, but skiing it more than 1 or 2 days would probably become repetitive.
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My son and I skied there a couple of times on our last trip to Tahoe last Easter, partly because it was very close to where we were staying in Incline Village. It is a very nice resort with some nice terrain, but it is not that big so I agree 1/2 days would be the max you might want to do it. It is the closest area to Reno and is easily accessible in good weather from the North Shore. They offer good deals through the week eg 2 for 1 tickets on Tuesdays and a variety of others deals for other days. Low key lodge, ok food, very nice sun terrace if the sun is out, easy access from the car park to the slopes and it can be very quiet. Never stood in a line the twice we were there which was over Easter.It provides a good alternative to the likes of Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows or Heavenly which are much larger operations, but for a day or two. You would not centre your vacation there, in my view, but equally you can have a very fun day there.

I believe the new area is the bit that you go over when you take the main lift to the top of the mountain, which has always been a closed area with ropes. By Whistler standards (which is my main experience of gnarlier territory) it did not look that extreme, but runs always look easier from the chair !!

I would be happy to go back there if I went back to Tahoe, even without any new stuff, so that would be a bonus.
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2 days last season in early March. First day 10inches of new snow, Squaw and Alpine were only reporting 3-5". It was still snowing and windy, but Rose is pretty well protected (better then others, top of Alpine never opened that day). The second day was a nice sunny day. Definitly some nice terrain. The Chutes looks incredible to me. 2 or 3 of them are 50 degree plus.

I'm moving to the area this fall, and with a Rose value pass only being $299 if bought in Sept (good all days execpt Christmas week and Presidents Day weekend) I plan to ski there a lot this season (and across the street there in the backcountry).
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Thinking about taking a trip to the Tahoe area again this Winter.Thanks for the info guys. Will have to make a visit there for sure.

Anyone else ski there?
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When are you going??? I am taking the family to Reno this winter. I have a brother in law there. What is family for.

Planning on 2 days at Mt. Rose and then 3 at Squaw and/or Sugar Bowl.

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At this point in time, I don't know for sure when I will be going, but probably some time in March as I'll be going to Colorado in January and February for 10 day trips. Also will be out there for Spring break to close down Steamboat and a few other places. I am also trying to put the pieces in the puzzle together to show up at Kicking Horse to ski some pow with old friends.
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Are you traveling solo for the March trip to Tahoe?? I can be pursuade to make my Bro-in-law pull out the hide away bed.

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If I do go I will probably stay at the Atlantis Casino down in Reno but thanks so much for the generous offer.

It will be impossible to attend the gathering and Tahoe too and right now I will channel my resources toward KickingHorse.
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Very good. I think you will like the group of people who will show up in Kicking Horse. Great skiers and better people. I had a blast in Fernie and JH and deeply regret missing Utah. This year looked in doubt, it is a certification year for me, and the test is in mid Feb. but with a March date I will be complete with my PSIA duties and free of ski school requirements.

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The east side which has some good tree skiing, very often in deep powder, is supposed to get a new 6 butt detachable this summer (they guaranteed me that it was a done deal with all the permits obtained, etc.) The east side used to be the old Slide Mountain Ski Area of decades ago. The addition of that lift will be a huge improvement as that whole side was previously served by one old pokey quad chair (I remember when it was built; it was "state of the art"!). The new area opening is just to climbers left of the Northwest Magnum 6 butt detachable just before you get to the top. If you stay at Lake Tahoe, your drive up there will be a lot better than coming up from Reno on the Mt. Rose Highway. There are two parking lots; one to the "East Bowl" (old Slide Mtn.) and one to the main area.
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