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Where the heck?

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I know this is everyone's slow post time. But, I usually check the board on my laptop while having my morning Coffee, like right now.

But, I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to Bandit? Why he doesn't post anymore?

I'm also wondering about the Girdwood connection? There used to be a few guys from Alaska that always had something good to chime in about.

I miss those guys!
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I missed that Lars guy.
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I'm still around, lurking and causing trouble when I can and the sort. Just don't get the time to chat as much.

Sometimes the topics are repeats from many years ago that my feelings and knowledge have already been spoken , so there's no need to chime in.

Some topics in the tech zone are too obnoxious to even get into but i still monitor them.

Anyone know what happened to the old guys?

It's like that old 50's tune, I forget who did it, but has the line: "Where have all the Soldiers gone? Long time passing"

By the way Bonnie, how did you get time for so many posts?
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The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.
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