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Originally Posted by BillA
Any possibility of doing the same at the ETU?
I'm not sure exactly what they are doing at ESA, but... in PSIA-E Level 1 is three days. ETU is only two days, I think it could be made to fit, but would anyone really want that? If there is interest, we may be able to work something out.
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Originally Posted by PhysicsMan
Deal!!! Thanks for the invite!

Tom / PM

PS - I would offer the same, but somehow, suggesting skiing at Whitetail PA to someone living in VT doesn't seem quite right. Nevertheless, the offer still stands.
My daughter and her BF live (literally, house is in the parking lot) and work at Hidden Valley in Northern NJ---who knows, we may take some side trips this winter.

I've already expressed an interest in Springhill's allegheny get together---maybe our paths will cross sometime.
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