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August Newletter

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Hey, gang--

We just sent out the August EpicSki Academy newsletter out. If you got it, I hope you like.

If you'd like get the newsletter, but aren't on the distribution list, you can PM me or email me, and I'll add you and send you this month's newsletter. But, please, please, include your own email address in your PM or message to me. My own email address is dwightcramer@comcast.com.

If you are on the list and didn't get the newsletter, let me know. We had a minor technical snafu and approximately a quarter of the list did not go out. We are still trying to match up what went out with what should have gone out and will get it fixed. Please appreciate that this is a volunteer effort, and your help in letting us know if you didn't get the newsletter is most appreciated.

Incidentally, if you can't remember whether you are on the list or not, and didn't get the newsletter but would like to get it, let us know and we'll add you.

Best to all.

Dwight Cramer
a/k/a sno'more
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Dwight, I didn't get the August newsletter...Ott

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Nor me! Husband and I live in 2 different places, so now we both need an email. Thanks!
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I didn't get it either.
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Didn't get it either and would sure like to. Thanks
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Sorry Dwight, I did get it but it landed in my spam folder and I didn't discover it until now....Ott
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