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I used to ski the 205cm Comp GS produced in 84/85, very fast and smooth, Would really love to have another pair!

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I had a few pairs over the years, including a wild pair of 212cm Super G's with a weird cut down tip... They were fun in cut up junky pow.

Had a couple pairs of Mark VI's, and had a ball on Mark III's in soft bumps... Excellent corn snow slop ski. Remember the self healing tops?

Last pair were Selkirks in a 195, and I liked them quite a bit.

Still ski Volant and Stockli, but I LOVE my Icelantic Shamans.
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When I worked as a lift operator at Squaw Valley in the late 70's and early 80's, my go-to sticks were a pair of 195 Mark III S's (Soft) with Look N77 clamps. if there was anything that looked like fresh snow, they fitted, forgave and allowed me to improve my tactics immensely. Great in the deep powder sitting back in steep chutes, etc. I could get down anything that place offered and cornice jumping, non-stop to the bottom was a blast. On hard snow days it seemed to be the wrong tool: the M3's chattered a bit and couldn't always catch an edge; too-soft flex set up for the deep stuff. I remember one glorious crash on an icy morning after going unintentionally airborn. That solution to losing control took a few minutes, curled up in a ball on the pack ice...to run thru the system checks and convince myself I was still in this world. (Otherwise on icy days I'd rocket down the Mountain Run on some 210 Kneissel Red Stars I'd routinely borrow from my best buddy, if he wasn't using them. Those were some iron rails but could cut ice if you could stay ahead of them.). The Mark IV's were thought to be better bump skis and tricksters and folks would use shorter versions. (Who remembers "GLM"?) I blew out an edge on a demo set of those and didn't't replace so I didn't have much time with that model but I know folks around loved them. I skied some Mark VII's too. They were a worthy evolution at that time for a big mountain carver.
I still have the M3's but haven't hadn't skiied in years until just a couple of seasons back, getting dialed in on the updated engineering. After reading this thread, I'm inspired to bring out the old-school gear, take the gawking and snickers, just to compare to the new gear side by side after such a time gap.
I bought a set of new Olin Pro CX's in the late 90's at an end of season clearance sale but never got around to mounting them. Anyone with experience on that model and/or a suggestion on bindings to fit those out too?
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This thread just won't die.  Welcome to Epicski, yerolpal.  I would go with something modern in the bindings if you wanted to ski those old boards.  What's the waist size on those CX's?


I have two Smooth Johnson posters of the "You want big air, kid?  Pull my finger" vintage.  Bought my 197 Sierra's from Smooth himself, and he threw in the posters for free.

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