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Core Strenght workout

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In the spirit of fixing energy leaks, here's 3 links to a core workout that I hope to use to fix some of my own.... Is this workout reasonable? Is it obviously flawed? I need to start something now for this winter.




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looks like solid work

i gotta start using more of the toys in my gym.

i would say this and state the obvious: your level of conditioning may not allow you to do the sets and reps indicated, in which case, do the movements and increase workload as your fitness improves.
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This is one of the most perfect core workouts I've seen online! Thanks for the link!
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: I've done most of those this summer......

I find the balance stuff the hardest.....
Some of the trickiest for me - the pikes (my wrists ache from these) i feel like I am going to fall on my head any minute... the hip lift ones - when you then lift one leg & roll other on ball in while keeping hips up - I fall off regularly..... the tucking knees under you one - we do it side to side and THAT really tends to make me fall...
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After doing this workout for a couple weeks, hockey season started up again. This is the first time in 20 years that I felt strong throughout the first game of the season-- no odd back twisiting problems, over-extensions, or late game weakness.

Contrast last year, I was doing a weight training program, 3 times/week and aerobics 2 times a week, for 10 weeks prior to the season starting. I felt completely awful after game 1 --muscle pains throughout the torso and spine.

This core workout is highly recommended.

I'll go so far as to say: Without a good core workout plan, your training plan is severely deficient.
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AMEN!!!! BTW, if anyone is attending the ESA, one of the perks is an emailed core fitness training program designed by yours truly "Ms. Ski-Mag."
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Where is it?

Originally Posted by Lisamarie
AMEN!!!! BTW, if anyone is attending the ESA, one of the perks is an emailed core fitness training program designed by yours truly "Ms. Ski-Mag."
When will it be e-mailed! I need to really focus on getting ready!
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I'm working on it! I want to make sure that I do one that's different from the first two. I'll try not to be such a perfectionist that it takes me forever to put it together.
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Hehehe! Perfect is the enemy of done.
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Originally Posted by SnowSnake
Hehehe! Perfect is the enemy of done.
LOL! Thanks! I needed that! One of the problems is that I now have so much usable material, I'm trying to make the decision of what to include.

Just to give you a "taste" of what to expect, the workouts are designed using either body weight or small pieces of equipment that can be purchased for home use. Since not all Academy participants have gym memberships, I do not include any machine based workouts. Instead, I try to stay with the spirit of the academy and present the type of workout that is different from what you'd receive from your average instructor. Now let me shut up and get to work on it!
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Bicycle magazine used that one a few months ago for a stronger core. Looks easy on paper. I tried it while watching TV and only made it to @ 75 seconds.
It took a bunch to actually make it to two minutes. Some guy in the article lasted for three minutes and they were calling him superman...
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