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nICE hotel?

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I mentioned this place to a friend of mine, and she laughed...


It's in Sweden, and the rates for a room vary from $380 to about $700 a night
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BTDT! Very cool.
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They have an ice hotel near Quebec City that's designed after the one in Sweden. I toured it a few winters ago, and know a few people who actually stayed overnight. It was beautiful, and the carvings were amazing. You sleep on a block of ice carved into a bed, covered in animal pelts. All furniture is carved out of ice too. Even the chandeliers were carved out of ice.

As far as staying overnight, it's like winter camping, only you pay a lot of money for it! If you're into that kind of thing, it's great. If you're not, then it's COLD and MISERABLE. The only heated part is the bathroom and I hear a few people spent the night sleeping on the floor in there! At the Quebec hotel, they had an ice bar with Vodka shots...I guess that wasn't enough to warm up some people...
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