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instructor seeks work in Europe

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Hi Guys, I am back and thinking about teaching in Europe. Does anyone have any contacts or informationi both about the hardships as well as the great ups? thnx

Oh Yeah - Brazil and Japan were great!!!!
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Hey Ziggy!

OK, you may get some help from:

I'll do a bit of searching for you as well. Any particular country or resort?
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Hey fox, wazzup. We need to catch up, my friend.

Anywhere there is snow except France. I think that the French have a different system of their own. Might be a bit more difficult to get into. Switzerland and Austria come to mind, of course. I guess Germany as well. I'll check those sites shortly and t hnx.

ttfn (ta ta for now) - z
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Check out www.natives.co.uk for seasonal jobs besides the resorts' homepages.
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What languages are you fluent in, Ziggy?

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humf, the way things are going I'll be either learning japanese or wearing lederhosen too. Many of the US resorts are focussing on foreigners on student working schemes rather than us oldies who just work. It gets harder every year.
On the upside, while I've been job hunting today, it's been hammering snow outside my window. Freshies (again) tomorrow.
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We finally become neighbors and he's leaving! Whaaaa!!!! Hi Ziggy!
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Why not Italy? Sun, good life, good food and drink...

Ziggy (and Ant), try also South Tyrol aka Alto Adige (Italy)...I suspect that knowledge of at least one language other than English (either German or Italian, even better if you can communicate in both Italian and German) will be required, though.
see here:
You can look also into this forum:
This is only for Alto Adige, Trentino, same region but different "county" (Province in truth) may have different rules...
For Lombardy try here
(you'll need to send a fax...)
Or better, each region has it own address (select the Alps..Valle D'Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino, other than Alto Adige)...althought if you want to try the thrill to teach and ski on a live volcano you might think about Sicily.
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you`re in for a hard deal

You better know sombody in higher palces if you want to be a guide\instructor in the alps without having skied the spesific mountain for at least two seasons.
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Only place I know a bit about is the Arlberg Ski School.
For the beginner and intermediate groups they hire non-locals too but they expect s.o. to be a certified instructor being capable of teaching latest techniques.
For the advanced to expert skiers (=the 4 top classes which ski off-piste all the time) they require to be a UIAA-certified mountain guide and to be a local or permanent areal resident for at least a couple of years.

So if you are not certified don't even think about applying there, maybe you try at a smaller no-name resort where chances are better.
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