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ski bag for kids skis

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I am looking for a bag to carry my kids skis (size 100 and 110) and a regular ski bag is much longer than required. Are there shorter bags available that would fit these skis better?

I was also considering looking at snowboard bags, since they are shorter.

Anyone have any thoughts on this.

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For skis that short I'd go down to the local discount sporting goods and look at the bat bags for baseball.

Locally, here in NJ we have a chain that carries used stuff, called "Play It Again Sports". You can usually pick up slightly worn stuff like that for $10 to $15 bucks.

I have never seen a kids ski bag. For awhile, my son used to use my old bag. It had tabs on both ends so that I could bungee the "north to the south" to keep the skis from sliding.

One of the things that I will recommend since you end up being the pack mule, is to invest in a good backpack for your boots that's large enough to hold must spare items like goggles and gloves.

None of my kids ever minded hauling their own boots. Just use one of their school backpacks. Poles, they never mind carrying those but you will probably have to tote their skis.

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