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boots or replace the liners?

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What is the advice on getting new liners for 4 year old boots? Just bite the bullet and get new boots or replace the liners? I like the Nordica 7’s but every year the liner gets sloppier. Last year I got new foot beds, they help but the upper cuff is still loose. The plastic is still in good shape and buckles are fine so it feels ‘wasteful’ to replace the boots but the price seems about the same for boots or liners; maybe a little savings. What are your thoughts?
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I'm in the same situation. I padded the cuff last year with a wrap all the way around and put in shims all over the place. Problem is at end of last year it still just is loose when I really need them. Easy trails are fine-can ski with the buckles undone, but on choppy stuff or hard stuff even all buckled up I feel like there's no control sometimes.
I went in to a boot shop (a very good one) and started up this conversation. Started trying on boots. Nothing really felt that much better. We were thinking foam. Towards the end we started trying another shell size down. I was thinking no way because last time I went down a shell size, (10 1/4, 10 3/4 feet in a 9 shell), and it took a lot of work to get it to work-stretching, grinding etc. The surprise was that it looks like the smaller shell size (26 or size 8) is going to work with some serious stretching/grinding etc. Although my toes were jammed and it's hard to accurately tell how they fit, you can definitely tell that the whole foot is much better.
My suggestion is to go try a shell size down. It's much better to make a small shell fit than fill in with foam. Foam isn't the be all and end all to every problem unfortuneately. A lot of times it doesn't work well.
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If the boot shell fits you, just buy liners.
If the Shell is too big buy new boots that fit.
Is the shell too big??????
With you liner removed out you foot into the shell and have your toes touching the end of the boot, You should have 1-2cm behind you heel and the shell. Any more, throw them out and start again
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If the shell is the right size and shape for your foot as well as being in decent shape then I would definitely go for a new liner. I have had pretty good success with the zip fit's over the years and they are for sure better than any liners that come with new boots. In some ways you can end up in better shape doing it this way than with all new boots because of the higher quality liner.

The key is the shell and its size/shape. Do the shell fit as has been suggested.
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