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Ours are the 04/05 PE's which are marked 0 (mid sole center) to +7 (core center), with the bindings mounted at 0=mid sole ctr. I'm not sure how these markings are compared to the 03/04 PE's. The shop that we got them from recommended the mid sole ctr for all mountain use, so that's what we went with.

Could the 03/04's 0 mark be the same as 0 mark on the 04/05's? All I know is how it feels when on the hill, it doesn't feel forward mounted like most twins, but more conventional mounted. I have a pair of PR's, and they definitely feel forward mounted using the recommended mark. I've been thinking of mounting the bindings on the PR's 1-2cm back when I get the warranty replacements because they tend dive in really deep pow (knee to waist deep) unless you sit back.
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There were markings on the ski but I didn't pay attention to where the mid sole is.

If the mid sole is all the way back then that is where he will mount them.
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just get them mounted at the 0 position, the 03/04 have a +/-3 scale. I definately would not get them mounted behind the 0 (in the - range). If anything, mount them slightly forward of center.
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This thread has been a good read. Being more of a maggot, it's been a while since I checked in here.

I am also in the market for a good bump and tree ski. Last year I broke/bent my volant machete gravity skis. To get me through the rest of the season I picked up a pair of used dynastar candides, which are fun, but I find the shovel a bit stiff. 90% of my days are spent at MJ in the bumps and woods.

I tried the rossi B1's and found these to be too soft on a run down outhouse. I demoed the rossi scratch FS (180cm) and enjoyed these. They had great pop and were quick edge to edge. Problem is I can't find the 180 length in stock anywhere (for reasonable $$). I am also wondering about how these will hold up in the long term?

It seems quite a few of you recommend the K2 PEs? Has anyone tried these and compared them to the FS's? Also has anyone tried out the dynastar troublemakers? I would be interested in hearing about those too.
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If it's worth anything, I recently took a bump camp where the instructors where World Cup guys.. and a lot of them where skiing the Dynastar Troublemakers. Basically, they ski the bump specific skis on comps, but when skiing for fun, they love the troublemakers because of the added versatility. I saw them zipper lining and crushing the bumps, even on the Troublemakers (with that said.. those guys are so good they can probable zipper line the bumps on any ski).
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Thanks Mack, that is the type of information I am looking for. I went out on a limb and bought some 182 troublemakers at one of the big ski sales on labor day. These should work great for what I am looking for in a ski.
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