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Saw the main site, but didn't make it to that page. Thanks
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Small road maybe, but you can comfortably do 70-80 on Rt 30 by that area. It's the locals that are the problem. At the same time, if I lived in Bratt, I'd rather pay $30 for a Sat ticket at Maple than $72 at Stratton...unless I was a boarder.
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Good point, CP. On all counts.

No one said it was another Vail or Whistler. It's just a little bitty pissant country place, nothing much to see....

but it has potential under the right care.
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Originally Posted by CP
.... At the same time, if I lived in Bratt, I'd rather pay $30 for a Sat ticket at Maple than $72 at Stratton....
If I lived in "Bratt" why would you pay $72 at Stratton, close enough for a season pass. Their Season ticket prices are like airline prices. At the right time and the right deal a season pass could probably get you down less than $40 a visit. Then why would you want to ski at Maple?

Not to mention that Magic is very reasonable and Bromely, while not as challanging is not much more.

Lets not forget Mt Snow, it also has some "airline ticket" sales.

I believe that this small area doesn't stand a chance. It can never be resurrected and will be a permanent memeber of Lost Ski Areas of NE. Remember by the time a family of 4 has outfitted themselves with ski's, clothes, etc the price of a lift ticket hardly matters.

Plus look at the logistics of skiing. All the equipment you have to haul around for a family, getting dressed and undressed in the lodge,finding a place to secure your stuff, if you don't haul food you end up with $5 hamburgers. So by the time you buy 4 lift tickets the $120 difference hardly matters.

It sounds so much easier to go on a cruise where you only haul around a Margaritta and a bathing suit. And the kids stay home with Grandma.

You know if I had to do all of this stuff to go skiing I might change my favorite winter activity to drinking beer and forget the skiing.
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"You know if I had to do all of this stuff to go skiing I might change my favorite winter activity to drinking beer and forget the skiing.[/quote]"

No way! The two can't compare. Skiing is well worth the effort/cost
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mmm, snow.
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I have an idea. I know where there is a very nice parcel of land for sale in central Vermont, steep enough to be fun, no lodge, no lift, but the price is $1000 an acre.
I have been involved in ski areas for years so I know this is possible.

How about a backcountry ski area?

would anyone go? no grooming (at least the first year), just trails. Even just groom the run out to allow easier runs back to the landing. If the money were available from somewhere it would grow into having a lift, one chair would service the entire slope. it is a natural bowl, a few drop offs, and varied terrain for all. It has cleared logging roads and lots of potential. With the price of skiing at $60 per person per day the need for an alternative is ripe. Summer time could be open for an adventure park. There is even an excellent spot for camping, overnighters, How many ski areas do you know that will let you camp in the parking lot? You could even hold rock concerts in the parking lot. Where do I get investors? My goal is to provide affordable skiing (again) not to make a ton of money. I want a ski area where you can ski for $10 a day. a co-op? work one weekend, ski one weekend sort of thing.

I know the land will sell quickly so if anyone has an idea on how to fund this sort of thing I would like to hear it.

how about some feedback?
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How many acres is this place?
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350 acres, some is not appropriate for the purpose but you do need a buffer.
it's no killington, but it could be quite interesting.
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Lilskeer - The ad states 400 acres.

I always thought that if I won the lotto, I'd buy or build my own personal ski area. This one fits the bill pretty well.

It is a fantastic deal, as far as the price is concerned. 400 acres, a 16,000 sq foot lodge with a bar and cafeteria offices, rental shop, etc, 3 groomers, 3 portable snow guns (obviously not nearly enough, but they look like good quality), 2 lifts, a decent pitch (according to the recall of people here), rental and tubing equipment, etc.

The lodge is pretty nice looking, and in good condition.

By looking at the trail map, there is nice tree skiing to the right of the main lift. I don't think the vertical is mentioned everywhere, and the trail map on the ad is not ledgible.

Could have a decent mountain biking operation in the summer, along with the grass skiing.

You could do what Roundtop VT (the old name, it's very close to Killington - don't know what it's called now) did and turn it into a country club ski resort. Then, build and sell housing on the property, and it could pay off.

I also wonder what the operating costs would be. If 400-500 of us put up $5k to buy in, then something like a couple hundred bucks a year, we could own our own private ski resort, only open to us and our friends. Or maybe open it to the public as a niche ski area having the premier training in the country. We could groom the trails specifically for teaching and market the place that way.

Another idea would be to turn the upper level of the lodge into condos, put a fancy bar and lounge on the 2nd level. Sell 10 500 sq ft condos for $200k ea, and there's $2M (granted, you may spend a lot on converting the building).

Anyway, if I had lots of expendable cash, I'd buy the place. Even if was just for my own personal enjoyment, and not as an investment.
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In the East without snow making your season will be short and the snow will often suck. Your revenue stream would be very unreliable. The concept might work out West, but I have severe doubt about making it work in the East.
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Originally Posted by Walks
I used to ski at this place (Maple Valley) as a kid and even as recently as about 5 years ago. I'm not sure when they closed, though. I remember a lot of fun times there and thought it was a shame they had to close. ...

I skied there a lot in the 70's They used to host college races when no one else had a slope to give us. Hate to see places like that close down.
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