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Looking for investors !!

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There's a ski area for sale in Vermont:


I'd like to buy it and convert it into a clothing optional summer grass skiing destination resort. Anyone interested in a few shares?
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What a steal!

Only $2 million!!! Here's what I think: The grass looks super lush. I see not grass skiers but cows on those verdant slopes. With the Atkins diet all the rage and the ability to move the herd by chair, contributing nicely to the G&A (grass to ass) ratio, we could easily double the investment in a couple of seasons!
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Jeff and I drove by this and stopped one day a few weekends ago. It's a really nice place right off the highway. The lodge was really huge and nice.........It has some serious potential. The whole area was in such good shape we wondered when it would open so we could ski there!

The price is a STEAL. $2 million for 400 acres in VERMONT? If I had dollars, I'd be thinking about it.
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Loose Change

Yeah, now I know what I'm going to do with my next $2 M.

Being so close to Brattleboro means you have a better chance of suceeding from Vermont into New Hampshire.
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It does look like a nice place. I would like to see it up and fully functional. Both the property and facility would serve as a nice ski resort. However, I suppose it takes money to make money. I wish I could buy into this and profit from it!! I would love that so much! In order for me to do this though there would have to be several buyers! Oh how cool it would be!!! A dream!!!
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If you bring the $2 million, I'll bring the cows!
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Wish I could purchase part of it! It would only be possible if there were hundreds of other buyers and I had only thousands of dollars to pay. No cows. It must stay a ski resort.
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Well, 400 people at $5,000 a piece. There's your 2 million. Maybe our own private Epic ski training facility. I wonder what the operating costs have been like the last few seasons.

On the other hand you'd be overpaying for just the land, 2 million for 400 acres is $50,000 and acre. Much too much.
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You've made a math error, If 400 folks at 5K = 2MM,

then 400 ac at 50K can't = 2MM. (Actually it is 20,000,000.)

400 AC at 5K = 2MM

Quite reasonable for land actually.

Edit for clarity
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The improvement are worth quite a bit in themselves. Nice lodge, kitchen, rental equipment, snowmaking, lifts....it all adds up to drop the price of the land.

The biggest draw to this is that it's right on a major road. No 2 mile off side road off the highway to maintain, as the state will maintain the highway. Just clear the parking lot.

I'm with TAMSki. It would make a great Epic Place.
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I used to ski at this place (Maple Valley) as a kid and even as recently as about 5 years ago. I'm not sure when they closed, though. I remember a lot of fun times there and thought it was a shame they had to close. It was small, but a good family-oriented area and only about a 45 minute drive from where I grew up in Western Mass. I'm sure I still have some of their old trail maps. The trails closer to the left on the map actually had some decent pitches - true expert terrain as I recall. I thought there might be some good undeveloped terrain as well. A unique feature was the main chairlift that traversed up the left edge of the ski area away from all the actual trails. As a kid it seemed perilously high up and quite steep. I would think with the right upgrades (i.e., new lifts), it could still find a niche. With the right buyers, you never know...
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Originally Posted by Walks
It was small, but a good family-oriented area and only about a 45 minute drive from where I grew up in Western Mass.
Until Southern VT, I was in Pittsfield for 30 odd years--where did you grow up?
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Originally Posted by skier_j
Until Southern VT, I was in Pittsfield for 30 odd years--where did you grow up?
South Deerfield, MA. My parents are still there, so I'm back a number of times a year. I try to take advantage of the relatively close proximity to So VT skiing as much as possible.
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Ah, poor Maple Valley. I drive by this twice every weekend I go skiing, which makes it about 30 times a year. It's about 10 minutes from I91 (exits 2 and 3) and is literally on the edge of Route 30. I've never skied there but remember sledding there a few times on the way home from Stratton as a kid. It looks as if it has stood up to disuse rather well. You can see the Cats from the road, and the lifts don't look too neglected. One of them is pretty long, as it goes way the hell up the mountain to it's end, which can't be seen from the road.

I would be interested however to learn why it was closed in the first place. My guess would be operating costs exceeded revenue. Many smaller areas have closed in VT due to the rapid expansion of the more mainstream areas. There don't seem to be enough locals around to use the samller places so that they can turn a profit. And the snowmaking system is somewhat suspect since they say they take the water from the river across Rt 30. I wonder what roadblocks would be encountered there with the environmentalists.
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Nolo, you can bring the cows! They can stay on the slopes from the end of April to the end of October. They should keep it nice and clear and eliminate the need to mow a good portion of the slopes. A lot of the "old" ski areas in New England were built on the slopes of farm pastures, this was how many farmers made a little money during the winter.
Skier_j, your "hill" was formerly a farm. There were many more as well, but most are long gone now. Sheep Hill in Williamstown, MA (named because the sheep grazed there in the summer) is one that easily pops into my mind.

I think it's a great idea Nolo, you bring the cows, move your home there.. Hey, the Ski Area would have a GREAT ski instructor to head up their program that way...and the owner would be someone who is enthusiastic about skiing and would treat it like a real ski area instead of a place to bury their money from other businesses and neglect.

From what I have heard, Maple Valley fell to poor management.
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Nolo, Teach, I still think I'd make more money if you girls left your cows and shirts at home and came grass skiing! :
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Snowdog may be right- look at last winter- shut down for December, but a grass skiing operation could have been up and running all of the rest of the winter given the snow we had. (is ice in the matsw a problem? seems fast to me) Think of the savings in the operations budget if you didn't have to blow snow.

The way things have been going we could easily have a 10 month operation & be be free to ski at a bigger hill when that pesky snow is hiding the mats-
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You haven't been thinking (like me) of how we're going to groom the grass slopes. Sure there's a bit of byproduct, but I can envision Moo-wax and games of Cholf (folf with cow chips).
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please bare with us while our race crew re-sets the course.
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Has anyone priced cows lately. With the price of beef where it is. It would be much more fun losing money on a ski resort than losing money on cattle. Obviously the place is experienced at losing money as a ski resort. I could just continue the tradition
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Wow, three snow guns! No wonder they closed!

I like the idea of a grass ski area. What a concept, a ski area that closes when snow falls!
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Yea, Nolo, I didn't think it through, maybe your right. Hey, we could get Sliders wife to give cow riding lessons! Think she'd be interested when she recovers Slider? Better up our insurance though!
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Cow riding is not good sport, SnowDog. Perhaps you've not noticed, but the cow possesses an indomitable spirit, for which the term passive resistance doesn't even approximate.
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Hey, cheer up! It's possible to lose money with cows also. We just need a new slogan for the ski area. Something to match the some of the larger areas: " milk 'em for all their worth."
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Oh come on Steve, that was udderly ridiculous.
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Ha,ha...I think this forum has become "funny." People are just imagining the fun of buying a ski resort. I would love to say I own a share of a ski resort. However, like everyone has said before: the property is expensive, the maintenance,etc...If only we could geet 400-500 or so epic ski members to contribute!
p.s. Hilarious picture Slider
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"People are just imagining the fun of buying a ski resort. I would love to say I own a share of a ski resort. However, like everyone has said before: the property is expensive, the maintenance,etc..."

lilskeer, Mad River Glen is on line 2....

Not really the same type of thing, but if you really want to own a share of a ski area that is your best (probably only) bet.
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Did a search for Mad River and it directed back here...
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The biggest draw to this is that it's right on a major road.
The would be major in the Vermont definition of major. It is a pretty small one lane highway.

I drove by this last weekend - it doesn't surprise me it is closed given it's location. There really isn't much of a population to draw from beyond Brattleboro and the tiny surrounding towns. It was in nice shape though.
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