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Tahoe resorts..when?

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Hi everyone, new member here. Lotsa years skiing, east and west, (live east). Going to try Tahoe, (South Lake Tahoe), this winter instead of Summit County. How would the first part of Febuary be for snow? It can be a bit early in Colo, but I've heard Tahoe has lots by then. I'd prefer not to ski in the "cement" or trash my skis on rocks.
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i believe feb. is usually a good month, usually i go in april and have yet to have a problem w/ lack of snow in 5 years going to heavenly.

cant say how much the cement will bother you, as i didnt notice; but am still an intermediate.

look at squaw's yearly totals if you want to try and peg a time of year(only tahoe totals i know of): http://www.squaw.com/winter/snowfall.html
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January is usually a relatively low snow month at Tahoe, but come February, chances are that the storms will start kicking in again. Last season we received 92 inches in one 3 1/2 day period mid-feb at Kirkwood. If you're staying South Lake Tahoe, definitely check out Kirkwood, byt that time of year the base will be more than substantial, and you will pick up more consistently dry pow than basically any of the other Tahoe resorts.
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yeah, what juulz said; take a day and go to kirkwood if staying on the south side. heavenly's big enough to keep you entertained; but kirkwood is a definite as long as youre in the neighborhood. you can skip sierra at tahoe and not be worried you missed something, that doesnt apply to kirkwood.
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I Hate to Tell You...

But you're planning your vacation for the wrong side of the Lake. The North Shore offers much more skiing and much better terrain and snow...both coverage and quality, than sticking to Heavenly. Kirkwood...now that's a different question, but that's not the south shore of Tahoe.

Stay in Truckee and access Alpine, Sugar Bowl and Squaw. You'll get the best snow and terrain in the basin.

Febuary is usually a pretty good bet for both coverage and quality. And the "cement"...don't be a wuss...adversity makes you strong.
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