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"cheeseburger, fries, and a sierra pale ale, thanks"

Outback Grill
Located on the backside of the mountain near the base of Chair #4 (Sunrise), the Outback Grill is a quick stop for avid skiers who want to keep their energy levels high without coming in off the slopes. Serving barbequed ribs, burgers, chicken, snacks and beverages. Outdoor seating in beach-style chairs and good music make it a great place to just relax in the sun.

THREE and a half
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That pic is hilarious. Everyone with their bright white smiles...
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They're happy 'cause RUL IS PAYING!!!
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Originally Posted by ryan
They're happy 'cause RUL IS PAYING!!!
Ryan...when I collect my burger bet, I'll happily hand you a copy of the above post with the check.
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by the way

i let an earlier opinion on strength of pitching (sox v. yanks) in a playoff series go by without comment because, well, we just disagree. however, after rio's very astute observation, i'll add my agreement plus a little.

the yankees are paying (and will pay) for letting pettite get away. roger, too, obviously, but what can you do when a guy says he's retiring. the fact is, sox starting pitching IS clearly stronger and this is only amplified in the playoffs.

statistically, kevin brown is the yankees best starting pitcher, although he's been involved in only 13 decisions. he's also prone to leaving a game at any moment with a new injury. after that, "aces" include mussina (9-8, 5.43 era), vasquez (13-8, 4.62), loaiza (9-7, 5.45), lieber (9-8. 4.69), hernandez (5-0 in 9 starts), and a host of others. mariano rivera is the pitching weapon, and he's about unbeatable, but you have to be ahead to utilize him.

i'll gladly take schilling (17-6, 3.39), pedro the "head case" (*which pertains HOW?) (14-5), and either derek lowe or tim wakefield, with foulke (1.82) shutting the door.

RUL: "Attitude....Ortiz, ManRam and Pedro are all head cases."

IF so, SO WHAT? have you checked the *numbers? give 'em a look and come back and tell me how it matters. huge years AGAIN! and check the '72, '73, '74 oakland A's; lotta goofballs there, and all they did was win back-to-back-to-back. come on, rul. you wanna bunch of straight shooters who say all the right things BUT bat .230? what's with the "head case" angle?

a LOT of "headcases" in a lot of sports don't let it get in the way of winning, which is the deal, right? david wells has done pretty well, and for the yankees, without having all the cards in the deck. steve carlton didn't let flakiness get in the way of a fairly decent career.
in short, and to assume it's true, it doesn't matter at all. plenty of loose cannons and nutcases have excelled and won rings. (and i know you know that.) for pedro to be dismissed as a non-factor because of (perceived) attitude is a big swing and miss.

*David Ortiz: .301, 33 HR, 114 RBI
*Manny: .317, 36, 108

(tell ya what. you can keep the well-behaved, clean-shaven guys, i'll take the players.)

jeeeezusssss, dooood, the 1986 mets snorted blow and banged hookers and generally partied their way to a world championship.
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Bartender: Hey, did you hear that Ryan bet on the Red Sox?

Crowd in Unison: Bwaaaahahahahahahaha. That boy makes us smile.
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you outdid yourself with that one.

(and i'd guess they're smiling a little less than they were a couple weeks ago.)
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Speaking of head cases....Randy Johnson, but I bet the M's would take him back in a heartbeat.
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speaking of former Mariners, A-Rod is, I think, hitting about .200 (maybe less) with runners in scoring position this season. (.276 last year with the Rangers, who've improved considerably since the big unload.)
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You can take the flake out of LA but......

September 4, 2004


In Frustration, Brown Breaks His Hand in Loss


ankees pitcher Kevin Brown finally ran out of ways to calm himself down last night. He channeled every bit of his anger into one hard punch into the clubhouse wall.

He did not get away with it. Brown, a right-hander, broke two bones in his left hand during the Yankees' 3-1 loss to the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

Brown is out indefinitely, General Manager Brian Cashman said. The Yankees plan to have Brown see a hand specialist today to judge how serious the damage is.

"Stupid," Brown said. "I reacted to the frustration I've swallowed all year. There are no excuses."

Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox won their 10th consecutive game, defeating the Texas Rangers, 2-0, and cutting the Yankees' lead in the American League East to two and a half games. The Yankees' lead has not been this small since June 11.

Brown (10-4) said he was reacting to two injuries he sustained last night.

"I let it boil over and I did something stupid," Brown said.
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"After the game, the Yankees began reviewing Brown's contract to determine whether a self-inflicted injury could void the guarantee language."
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Just be thankful Brown's no headcase.

Didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might, but here we are at our little old 2.5.


"Just In Case You Didn't Notice.....
Yankees lead now double digits...10.5 games.

The Sux are 2 back in the wild card race."

Now THAT is delicious.
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See? When you're in a positive state of mind, everything's delicious.

BTW, the lead is now 3 games.
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you may wanna check your math.

and JD, surely you'd agree that 'delicious' works in regards to eating, say, *crow, for instance.

*your examples may vary

(and yes, ruler of ruls, i know it ain't quite a done deal yet.

but when you're up at the grill getting my plate, remember i like a lot of mustard.)
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Originally Posted by ryan
when you're up at the grill getting my plate, remember i like a lot of mustard.
Ryan jettisons the policy of extremely cautious optimism brought about by 85 consecutive years of zilch.
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check math AND...

"and yes, ruler of ruls, i know it ain't quite a done deal yet." (extremely cautious optimism at your service.)

you musta missed that part.
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and i gotta say

all in the spirit of banter, of course...

i find it encouraging, actually, when the yankee fans keep pointing to the past, which, last i checked, is over and done with.

but y'all keep looking and pointing backwards.

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See...thing is...

had i jettisoned that hard-learned caution, i'd be blurting out stuff like...

and when you're looking back at what's dead and gone, note the red car pulling alongside at a very high rate of speed. and when it goes by, check those dual exhausts, 'cause that's what the yankees will be sucking on the remainder of their shorter-than-anticipated season.

but i am not that guy .
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NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Yankees asked the commissioner's office to award them a forfeit over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays after they failed to arrive in time Monday because of travel problems due to Hurricane Frances. It was a request that had no chance of being granted.

Originally scheduled as a doubleheader starting at 1 p.m., the start time was pushed back two hours on Sunday. Because of the delay, the commissioner's office told the teams to play one game at 7 p.m. and said it would decide later on when to reschedule the second game.

The Devil Rays arrived at 6:05 p.m., and the Yankees won 7-4 in the one game that was played. Commissioner Bud Selig has no intention of ordering a forfeit.

"Given the stage of the season we are in, and the exciting pennant races, it is critical that we do everything to decide the championship on the field," he said in a statement.

The Yankee Stadium gates opened at 11 a.m., and about 1,000 fans were on hand. They were given free hot dogs and sodas, and fans applauded loudly when the Yankees took batting practice starting about 4:45 p.m.

"This could keep the energy level up," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. "They're cheering batting practice."

About 20,000 fans appeared to be on hand when Orlando Hernandez finally threw the first pitch to Julio Lugo at 7:02 p.m. and about 30,000 appeared to fill the seats later on. The Yankees said 44,422 tickets had been sold.

Before the game, Yankees president Randy Levine and general manager Brian Cashman held a news conference on the field, explaining why they wanted a forfeit. Baseball rules say a forfeit may be called if a team isn't ready within five minutes of umpires calling "play" unless the delay is "unavoidable."

"The rule states that if your team is here and ready to play, and the other team isn't here and not ready to play, there should be a forfeit, and we believe there should be a forfeit," Levine said.

Tampa Bay's home games against Detroit on Saturday and Sunday were postponed, and the Tigers returned home after Friday night's games. Bob DuPuy, chief operating officer of the commissioner's office, said the Devil Rays were asked to investigate leaving Friday night or Saturday.

"There were plenty of opportunities to get out of Tampa on Saturday. The airports were open until 3 or 4 o'clock," Levine said after Yankees officials checked with airlines.

Devil Rays general manager Chuck LaMar said the team never intended to leave for New York until Sunday night or Monday.

"We decided, and we made the right decision, we'll stick by that decision, to stay with our families," he said. "We wanted to stay in the Tampa Bay area, wait out the storm with our families."

DuPuy said Devil Rays owner Vincent Naimoli had told the commissioner's office over the weekend that his team was trying to make arrangements to leave Florida but couldn't.

"We have learned since that it may have been possible to get out on Friday or Saturday, although we were advised by Mr. Naimoli at the time that they were unable to obtain a charter," DuPuy said.

Naimoli refused to address the issue.

"Get everything down in print as you will. I have no comment," he said as walked into Yankee Stadium.

DuPuy would not say whether the commissioner's office would penalize the Devil Rays, saying the matter was between baseball and the team. Cashman and Levine went further than DuPuy, accusing the Devil Rays of lying to the commissioner's office over the weekend about their travel plans.

"We were told by baseball that they were ordered up here and will be dealt with harshly," Cashman said.

DuPuy said the Yankees' request for a forfeit had not been ruled on, but made clear it would be denied by Selig.

"He believes it is critical to play all of the games on the field," DuPuy said. "He does not believe in forfeiting games, and it is his intention to reschedule the game that was lost today."

The teams are scheduled to play night games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Levine said that if the forfeit request was denied, it should be rescheduled to be played on Oct. 4, the day after the regular season, if it's needed to decide a postseason race. He also said that the Yankees may refuse to reschedule the game for this week, even if ordered to.

Devil Rays manager Lou Piniella, a Tampa native, got angry when told about the forfeit request.

"When a hurricane is bearing down on the Florida coast, you worry about your family first and baseball second," he said, adding that if it the situation had been reversed, the Yankees wouldn't have traveled at all.

The last time a major league game was forfeited because a team didn't show on time was Sept. 2, 1918, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Cleveland did not travel to St. Louis for a doubleheader on the final day of the season, which was shortened because of World War I. That also was on Labor Day.

The Devil Rays gathered at Tropicana Field at 8 a.m, departed the ballpark at 1 p.m. and took off from Tampa International Airport at 2:55 p.m. The team arrived at LaGuardia Airport at 5:20 p.m. and pulled up to Yankee Stadium in two buses at 45 minutes later.

As it was, Devil Rays outfielder Aubrey Huff could not get out of his home in a low-lying area and did not accompany the team to New York.

The Yankees reported to Yankee Stadium at noon for the doubleheader.

"Let's get a grill," Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina said. "Hot dogs and burgers on the field."
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Argh!!! Can the Sox overcome the dreaded curse? Not the one about the Bambino, but the Sports Illustrated cover curse.

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I'd like some action on the cheeseburger, fries, and a sierra pale ale bet, please.
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sheeeeeeeeee't, i still owe Rio for a Giants series WAY back.

I'll ponder and PERHAPS we'll discuss terms to be executed at The Gathering.
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here's the deal

we'll make the obvious wager when (if) the sox and yankees meet in the playoffs. i have serious doubts about the yankees getting past the angels.

at any rate, i look forward to something grilled, a hot soup, a tall stein of something along the lines of a stout, i think. the fire in the pit will roar, the fat flakes of canadian snow will fall outside the window, and you'll happily ask for the check.

i'll get the tip.
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My oh My, the pathetic Mariners beat the Red Sux 7 to 1. Stay tuned
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Jinx? What jinx? Brady was on the cover two weeks ago. Pats win. And Shilling came up large last night.
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Lowly Mariners shut out the Sux. Mariners win 2 out of 4.
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