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Head Intelligence Technology

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When I went to Whistler in 2003, towards the end of the trip, I ended up buying Head i.c160 skiis. They told me at the time the skiis had a computer chip in them that allowed the skiis to respond to different skiing conditions.

Since then, I've done a little research and discovered my skiis don't have the chip but do have the Intelligence Technology that allows them to change to varying conditions. Here are some quotes from the manual I found online:

"The Intellifibers are placed at a 45-degree angle in the ski for maximum
exposure to torsional forces when the skier makes a turn. The
electric energy created by the Intellifibers is captured in a closed
circuit and sent through a resistor where disruptive frequencies are
filtered out. The remaining energy is fired back to the Intellifibers
which straighten instantly increasing the torsional stability of the ski.
This all happens in just 5 milliseconds.

Intelligence skis react instantly to changes of snow, terrain and
speed and adjust the torsional stability to the actual situation,
thereby ensuring precise turns and perfect control of the ski."

After reading all that, what I understand is that the skiis can change their stiffness according to demand. If I turn, the skiis stiffen.

I didn't get a good feel for the skiis on the Whistler trip. This year at Mammoth Mt and Northstar I did. I liked them right away and as the trip went on I was skiing better and with less effort than I have skied in my life (I'm 58). BTW, I'm a mid to above average intermediate. People I skiied with noted I was skiing better than ever, so it wasn't just my impression.

Obviously, I'm not complaining about the skiis. I am curious, does this Intelligence Technology really work, are the skiis changing their stiffness on the fly? Does the the technology wear out? I.E. will the skiis lose their ability to respond to varying conditions. I ski about 10 days a season.

There are higher level skiis that have a chip which amplifies the current generated, supposedly increasing performance. Anyone have experience with these?

Love these skiis.

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Peter Keelty, a much respected ski reviewer, thinks the Head skis with IT work better than their counterparts without for the models that offer both. Though the IT technology might be helping you I think the fact that Head builds great skis, with or without the IT, has more to do with your success.
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Personally I wouldn't give it another thought. If you like the way your skis ski, then just enjoy them. Personally I think the whole Intelli-fiber/Intelligence thing is a gimmick. Head even advertises the same technology in their tennis rackets.

Don't get me wrong. Head makes great skis. I have a pair myself. But just think how the different companies keep coming up with new gimmicks to get us to buy (ie. titanium, kevlar, carbon, etc...) each year.
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As I said, I love these skis. I was just hoping to understand what made them better.

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What Rio and Wizard said is right on the mark, but should you be interested in the underlying technology, there have been previous threads on Epic which discussed this. For example:



Unfortunately, because there isn't a switch with which you can turn on and off the piezo effect to compare the same ski, on the exact same snow conditions, with the exact same edge tune, with the same pilot, etc., and because nobody has ever reverse engineered a pair, it still pretty much comes back to exactly what Rio and Wizard said.


Tom / PM
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Not stiffer per se, but torsionally stiffer to reduce twisting.
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Originally Posted by TomK
Not stiffer per se, but torsionally stiffer to reduce twisting.
So the skis would bend (as in up and down) just as much, but not twist as much?

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So the skis would bend (as in up and down) just as much, but not twist as much?
Yep, that's pretty much it.

At our shop, the head rep gave us a demo model with the chip exposed and a cable hooked up to it that redirects the current from the intellifibers to a little conductor plate that you hold in your thumbs. It is aimed to convert such non-believers; the effects are quite apparent as when I gently whack the ski on the floor, the customer receives a substantial jolt of energy through the cable. Strangely though, I have never seen such a demonstration tool anywhere in the US.
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Well, that demo proves that electricity is generated, but does not prove it actually changes the behavior of the skis. Still, its half-way there and I love the skis.

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I'll stick with my blinky blinky K2-Four Piezos
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