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Line Darkside

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Hi Guys

Great forum, only recently came across it but as someone who knows little or nothing about ski repair and maintenance I have found the posts extremely useful.

I've just bought some Line Darkside skis for a friend from Cupolo Sports (highly recommend for any UK buyers). The skis came without bindings; does anyone know of any bindings that would be suitable? If it's of any help he is not a highly technical skier to say the least, but has little or no respect for his health either, and so is happy enough taking on pretty much anything at high speed: . He also has a habit of trying to jump anything in sight.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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If he does jumps he needs to get a light, tough, durable binding. My preference would be the Look P12 Tis (or the Rossignol Power 120 Ti.....same binding, different cosmetics). My 23 year old son prefers Salomon 912 Tis on his twin-tips.
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