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Whistler in the summer

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Thank you Lee.... wonderful pics.
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Those pictures are amazing! How beautiful the area is. I'd love to go mountain biking around there. I'll bet the skiing in the winter is great!
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Skiing in the summer is pretty darn fun too! I was just up there last weekend and tooks a 3 day "mogul" camp, tons of fun and I get to say I skiied the last two days of July and first day of August.

I highly recommend Whistler in the summer. My first summer visit after many snowy ones and the place is simply amazing. I couldn't believe it seemed to be just as crowded as the in the winter time. Amazing hiking, mountain biking, swimming in the lakes, golf, and even skiing.
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Originally Posted by ski_rick
Skiing in the summer is pretty darn fun too!
you're refering to these conditions????

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Simply beautiful! I've been wanting to see Whistler from the top. Thanks
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That is quite simply breathtaking.

From my desk in Sydney I feel like I just mountain biked round Whistler.

The runs look completely different to how I remember, yet I can still see myself skiing down gunbarrel and GS off Harmony.

Thanks so much.
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