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Volkl P-60's?

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Last season I purchased a pair of brand new 155 cm 2003 P-60 SC Race Stock skiis. They are extremely powerful, turn quickly, and I couldn't want nething more from a ski. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew the difference in layup/construction between the 2003 P-60 SL Race Stock and the 2003 P-60 SC Racing skiis. If you have the construction of the superspeed, 4 star, 5 star and Gs, thaht'd be awesome too. I'm trying to get better informed on my skiis constructoin as a slalom racer versus and Gs racer etc... Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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The P60 Race Stocks are built in the traditional Volkl fashion- full wood core wrapped in fiberglass, all in a titanal sandwich. The P60 Racings are built in a 'new-school' Volkl construction similar to that of the Supersports. They still use a full wood core, but the profile is different - somewhat scalloped - to fit in with their double grip concept. The "ridges" are separate pieces of wood, and they are all wrapped in glass. Titanal is also used, but I suspect the sheets are a little thinner than they are on the Race Stocks. The P60 Racings are available only with the Motion rail system while the Race Stocks are only available flat.

The performance difference is remarkable. The Race Stocks are what they should be - strong and unforgiving. They really aren't that versatile for most skiers in a non-racing situation. The P60 Racings have about 95% of the stability and grip of the Race Stocks, but are significantly more versatile for a high performance skier. The P60 Racing is one of Volkl's best models - it rivals the Supersports in stability and versatility. It's a shame that it's virtually ignored.

The 5 Star and 6 Star are have identical constructions - the 5 is just a little softer. They both have a similar construction to the P60 Racings, but without the titanal. The Superspeed is a much different animal. It's essentially a WC Race Stock GS ski with a 70 mm waist. Lots of titanal in there.
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It also appears that in going from the 2003/2004 to 2004/2005 models (P60s, 5&6stars and the AX range) Volkl have used the aluminium motion rails (and a bolt under the heel) instead of the previous plastic motion rails (with the bolt under the center of the boot) for all top end models.

Does anyone have any comments on how the aluminium/heel mount system skis differently to the plastic/center mount system?
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Just a hunch, but there's probably more of a kick out of the tail with the fixed heel track. combined with the aluminum hardware, it should provide a more positive feel on the glare ice, allowing for more precision in the turn.
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