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Atomic C-9 vs SX-9

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I am an intermediate skier skiing for about 3 years now and love the sport. I had been skiing on rental equipment and recently purchased a pair of Atomic C-9 180 CM skis with Device 412 bindings as well as Salomon Performa 7.0 Boots from the extremely helpful Cupolos who convinced me not to go for beginner skis because I would grow out of them.
However, I am wondering if the SX-9 is a better ski for a person like myself as compared to a C-9. How easy are these skis to ski on?
I would greatly appreciate some feedback from you all.

Many thanks,

I would strongly recommend whoever is in the market for skis to check on Cupolos because they have great staff, equipment and the prices.
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I can't tell you the difference between the 2 skis. However,I ski on the SX9's in a 170 and they are a very good all around ski. They absorb all the terrain,ski track chop so you will ski much faster and are great carvers too. I think they have the most radical side cut of any of the skis. P.S. I bought them from Cupolos.
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From the information you have given us, I would say that if 180 is a good length for you, the C-9s should be fine.
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The C9 will be a bit more forgiving and versatile and should give you lots of ski to grow into. The SX9 might prove a little too demanding for you at times in some conditions.
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The C9.18 is a great intermediate carving ski, as was the BetaCarv 9.18 it replaced. I've put a few people I know on them and they've had great results. They hold a good line but are fairly forgiving. I won more than a few GS races on a pair of the second generation BetaCarv 9.18s in a small hill beer league.

Enjoy the skis- they can make the learning process much easier.
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your feedback. It seems that I have indeed purchased a good pair of Skis. I can't wait till it snows to hit the slopes and try my equipment out. Since it is my first pair of skis (i have rented out equipment for the last 2 years), I cant even imagine how different it would be.

Thanks again.

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