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Best Location for SKi In/Ski Out Christmas Week

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My sister has graciously bestowed upon me the use of her RCI vacation week to be used before the end of January 2005.

In am searching for vacancies in the system and am wondering where the best place to stay *meaning who has the snow* Christmas week.

I know this is a crapshoot, but on the average, where would the best bet lie?

Any helpful hints?


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Or, would the week after New Years be better?

I just thought about the crowds...*GASP*... I have never skied anywhere but my home hill during the holidays.....The week preceeding Christmas or following New Years may be better?
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cant say about the crowds, but if you get to the lifts early or wait until lunch or are a decent skier;it shouldnt be an issue. figure out where and then re-ask for lifts less traveled on the mountain.

my educated guess is utah. the seem to get hit early and often and theres many close mountains to choose from. just ski who gets hit best. same thing for breck/copper/vail area; but CO doesnt always get hit early.
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Whistler can be pretty good then, but I'd take the week after Xmas. Only because of the crowds.

Snow is always a crapshoot, but there's always something. My quarter share @Creekside ends up Xmas/New Years this year so I'll be there. (Not sure if that is a jinx or not)
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From my perspective in the NE, the week after Christmas is a vacation week and the areas would be more crowded. The first week in January is empty.

With snow making most areas should have close to 100% coverage for Christmas week. They want to make good impressions on customers to get them to come back at school break in February.
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Yeah, I agree. It seems that anytime around Christmas can get pretty busy. The tickets are always more expensive during the prime season too. However, despite the lines/tickets prices I like to ski the first chance I can get! The early season snow it great. February is my b-day month and there is not better present than a ski trip!
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My family has gone skiing the past 3 years over that time period -

3 years ago - Big Sky - decent coverage, but you always hit rocks there regarlesss of what time you go. You might get lucky and catch the openeing of the Tram or the back side of Andesite.

2 years ago - Steamboat - it snowed 3 feet the 2 days before we got there, and anther foot and a half the weekl we were there.

Last year - Vail/Breckenridge - repeat of Steamboat, lots of snow.

So my general rule is that by that time of year there is usually good coverage no matter where you go. I would either go over Christmas, and leave a couple days afterwards, or after/jsut before New Years. Most places don't get crowded until after Christmas, as eveidence you can look at when places up the price on lift tickets or black out season passes.

Most of the prices stay high until after new years, but usually very few people ski on New Years day, so it might be worth it to go up on New Years Eve.

Have Fun!
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Can you exchange anywhere near Grand Targhee? Very reliable early snow, wonderul mountain, seldom a liftline - much less crowds.

Good luck. Sounds like a high-quality problem.

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As long as the timeshare is an RCI property, the timeshare can be traded. I will check with her about Targhe, Bob. I skied there when Paula's Ski Lovers group paid a visit to JH a few years back. It is a great place when you can see the tips of your skis. *Fog rolled in*

Thanks everybody!
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Hi Bruce, I'm hoping to be in your neck of the woods around the holiday season this year!
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We'll leave a llight on for ya! *L*
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