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Las Lenas

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Hi, I'm heading to Las Lenas am trying to find a place to stay that is not too expensive. I have looked at Los Molles and Malargue but am unable to get connected down there. Does anyone have any suggestion on places to stay and how to book . I'm in Las lenas from Aug 11 to Aug 19....Thanks
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Google las lenas ski. There's an outfit (I think it's laslenasski.com) that rents apartments in a package deal w. ski passes etc.

They are getting dumped on right now. Please check back in to let us know how it was, as that may be my next SA destination.
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I stayed in Malargue last year. I did all my booking thru a fella named Santiago from Karen's Travel. info@karentravel.com.ar tel. 54-02627-470342.

He helped out a lot. He picked me up from the bus station ( i arrived late at night from Mendoza). He set up my hotel. Not much to shake a stick at , a bed, a private bath and tv but at $9.00 us a night couldn't beat the price. He also set up my transportation from Malargue to LL and back for each day. It did get frustrating some mornings driving around town to fill up his van and waiting on others that might not be as in a hurry to get to the mountain as I was. 50-60 minutes each way.

Let me know if you need any other info
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Las Leñas is a self-contained village with about 13 buildings between hotels (mostly expensive ones) and apartments (also relatively expesive). Therefore, the ski bum life is not easy there. You might have some luck in the employee housing building but don´t take it as granted.
Aside from that, you have Los Molles, which is not even a little town... it is more like a builidng/hotel in the middle of the road oin the way to Las Leñas. Usually, there are charter buses going from Los Molles to Las Leñas, and of course, it is cheaper.
Further, you have Malargüe, which is the closest town there is to Las Leñas. You could definetly find cheaper (i mean, way cheaper) rates in more modest hotels over there.... but don´t forget you are more than an hour away of the resort !! Therefore, you´ll need transportation from there to LL.
Aside from that, don´t worry about powderhogs... In LL, mostly in Argentina, there is no rush for powder days ´cause most people tend not to ski on it... so you could find pwder even days after a storm...
And I´m Argentinean!! ja, ja
Let me know if you need further assitance.

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