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simons annual questions

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Well hello fellow barking bears.

Each year I crave advice from friends across the ocean regarding resort amenities, services and accomodation - this years no different

We've (3 advanced UK skiers) booked our flights to Denver for next Feb, the 5th to be exact. We'll be staying for the customary 2 weeks and spliiting our time over Winter Park and Steamboat. So lets dive in -

1) Any independent (non resort) condo operators you'd recommend that cover the towns rather than the resorts?
2) How long in each resort? I was thinking more time in WP as slightly gnarlier skiing? Snowfall wise I hadn't decided on which one to go to first - not sure it matters?
3) Any known discount avenues for ski passes at either place?
4) Any reviews of the Berthoud Pass Cat operation gratefully received
5) I hope we have chosen well regarding the timing as its been a few years since we went to Colorado. We usually go to US/Canada after Presidents Week and/or Spring Break but last year we caught Jackson's early spring weather plus spring breakers so the only good snow was in Corbetts although my tan was fine.

Well thats a lot to be going on with and apologies for loading you like this.

Thanks for all your help in this, the most friendly ski forum
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Try www.vrbo.com

It's short for vacation rentals by owner. It has a long list of condos available for areas in the US including Vail, Beaver Creek, Summit County and Steamboat.
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Discount passes to wp aren't hard to get around Denver, the boat on the other hand...good luck. I will tell you that sb multi-day tickets are on sale for 20% off if paid for by August 20th.

2 good sources for condo rentals:
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gracious thanks

Cheers for the tips guys, simon. Don't know why I haven't used vrbo b4 and nice one on the SB ticket deal.
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Originally Posted by simon
4) Any reviews of the Berthoud Pass Cat operation gratefully received
Look elsewhere for cat-skiing. It's no more.
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Thanks for that I guess the only hard lines will be hiked beforehand; inbounds or otherwise.
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I believe the Berthoud Pass cat operation is closed now.
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interesting choice of mtns. you must like bumps, they are a strong suit at both areas. feb 5 should be a good time in the heart of winter for powder. as you may know, sb is considerably lower elevation. sb base is 7000' vs 9000' for wp. That might help with acclimatizing on the front end of your trip, esp for strenuous stuff like mogul bashing or hiking to off-piste terrain. a week at each sounds like a good plan. you might enjoy a one day stop at nearby Loveland (lots of advanced above treeline terrain when snow is good). it would be only a short detour on the way back from wp to denver on a last day before you leave Colorado.
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I don't know about renting in Steamboat, however, I know of two great properties in W.P. I have rented both and was very pleased. One is a 5 bedroom and one is a two bedroom. Both are withen 5 minutes of W.P. Send a p.m. and I'll give you the info.

In Steamboat I always stay at the Rabbit Ears Motel. It is exceedingly clean, the rooms are large, the prices are great, and it's downtown on the busline. They have a good website. I know it's a strange name, however, it's named for nearby Rabbit Ears Pass.

Discount WP tickets are available at Christy Sports (Ski shop chain) or King Soopers (Grocery chain) in Denver. There is a Christy's location just off I-70 near Golden.

Berthoud is indeed closed. Closest cat operation is at Ski Cooper near Leadville which is about two hours from Winter Park.

Going in early February should have perfect snow.
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Steamboat has an excellent Cat Skiing operation. You can find them online. You can also buy a 10 day pass for Steamboat for around $390 if you act before August 15th. Feb is a great time for good snow. VRBO is probably the best choice for Condo's I've used them many times and have great deals. I don't understand why anyone would want to spend a week in WinterPark, good luck there. If you can somehow snag a Copper Card, you'll get some great ski deals at W.P. also, they're only $10. Otherwise, do the Christy thing or go to the local King Soopers for some savings.
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Thanks for the last 3 additions folks, all gratefully received and digested.
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The cat operation in Steamboat that Lars referred to is called Steamboat Powder Cats. They have a very nice website and you can order a free DVD online which reviewes their services and programs. I was considering going in 2003 but just didn't have the time. It looks like a good program but I have not experienced it myself so I can't give you any first hand knowledge.

I have never skied WP but I had a great time at Steamboat in 03. The mountain skis very big with so much great tree skiing the lines are endless. I skiied there for an entire week and still feel I did not exaust the posibilities. I will say there is not a lot knee buckling steeps but the combination of trees and bumps in the trees is enough to leave anyone feeling well accomplished at the end of the day. From other boards and from friends who have visited WP, I understand the crowd from Denver can get pretty large on the weekends. This is one nice aspect of Steamboat, even on a Saturday the only line over a minute or two was the initial gondola run after that it is easy to avoid the crowds.

Hope you have a great trip! Think Snow!!!
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