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Stolen from snowHeads...

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An engineer died and went to hell, being an engineer he set about improving the place.

One day God phoned Satan, and in the course of their conversation asked how things were in Hell.
Satan replied, "never better, we've got an engineer here and has he fixed things up, we've got flushing toilets, air-conditioning, escalators, this guy never stops improving things."
God said, "An engineer? you're not suppossed to have an engineer, that's a mistake. He ought to be up here, send him up at once."
Needless to say, Satan didn't want to lose his engineer and the discussion became a little heated. Eventually God threatened to sue Satan for the return of the engineer.
To which Satan riposted, Oh yeah, where are you going to get a lawyer?
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Very good. Both my brother and siste are lawyers and even they can't resist the lawyer jokes; especially when they're so true!
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Moreover, it poses an interesting theological question: "Who made the mistake?"
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According to the religiously zealotted (ha) and most parents:

God doesn't make mistakes.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
God doesn't make mistakes.

Either there is such a thing as a beneficial mistake, or the engineer did it.

If the engineer did it, then, not only are his works suspect, but there is self-determination after death. Whoa: who let the SOJ in?

Hoping that all your ski mistakes are beneficial ones,
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