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Recommended Condos at Vail

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My family is once again in the planning stages for our holiday ski trip, and we are looking at the typical suspects - Steamboat, Vail and Summit County. I am particularly interested in a couple of condos that I found on the econovail web site -
Apollo Park Lodge
Park Meadows Condos

Given the time of year we normally visit, over Christmas or just after, we realize we pay a premium for lodging, but I've found some pretty good prices at these places. Has anyone stayed there before that could give me an idea of the conditions of the place?

We don't need a whole lot of amenities, a simple hot tub will suffice, and a kitchen in the condo as we cook a lot of meals. The condos do not need to be "extravagent" by any means, just nice enough to not be considered run down, and have enough room for 5 people.

Thanks for your input. If you have any other suggestions let me know, but anything over $300 a night is out of the question.

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I stayed, years ago, at the Park Meadows, in a tiny 1 bedroom. It was fine for the 2 of us but I would not want to be in it with more than that. It is an OK location, a bit of a walk to the cascade lift. At the time they did not have a shuttle to the Village. We used the cascade shuttle tipped the driver no one seemed to mind.

A site that sometimes has deals is http://Denver.craigslist.org/vac/
also the typical owner sites http://www.valuevacationrentals.com
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Couple of more thoughts. If you are coming for Christmas and leaving on the 26th rates will be much less. If you are planning on Xmas-New Years you need to book asap. Most reasonable condos will be gone soon. Ours was taken months ago. In Summit the towns of Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne will typically be less than at the resorts proper. A good idea if you want to ski at more than one area.
You can also fill out this form http://cf.summitnet.com/lodging/vacationmail.cfm with your budget and other requirements. You will get a few auto responders but it will give you an idea of what else maybe out there
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