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Nomore, Nomah...wicked trade...

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In his first game, Nomah's replacement boots a cutoff throw which costs the chowds the game.

From now on all cutoff throws will be handled by David Ortiz....bwaaaaaahahahaaha.

Chowds are saying he had to go because he was a bad influence in the clubhouse. Good thing Pedro and ManRam were there to add a positive perspective.

Yankees by 9.
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hmm, now where'd i put that dodger cap?

August 11, 2004

BOSTON -- It was the first Fenway Park game of the No Nomar Era on Monday night and it was a bad night for the Boston Red Sox.

Hang down your heads, John W. Henry, Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein. You, too, Terry Francona. And all you guys in uniform -- you just keep telling yourselves that any day now you'll take off on a hot streak. You are 45-44 since May 1 and you have a chance to be remembered as the biggest pack of frauds ever to don the Red Sox uniform.

All the good feeling of two straight wins over the mighty Detroit Tigers went up in smoke Monday night when usually reliable Curt Schilling coughed up three homers and six runs in the fifth and sixth innings of an 8-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. There have been 11 homers yielded by the Boston staff in two games. It made for a tough how-do-you-do for Messrs. Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz (both 1-for-4).

Not a good way to kick off the No Nomar Era at Fenway.

Garciaparra's absence was felt throughout the night. For the first time in eight years, fans knew there was no chance of seeing him running his sprints in shallow right field. He wouldn't be signing autographs by the first-base tarp. There was no chance to see him go up and down the dugout steps -- two feet on each step each time. No glove-tugging and toe-tapping at home plate.

In a show of solidarity, a lot of fans showed up wearing Nomar jerseys.

But life goes on. Dave Roberts has been assigned Nomar's locker, between Bill Mueller and Mark Bellhorn. Cabrera has been assigned Nomar's spot at shortstop. Mr. Cowboy Shutup, Kevin Millar, has taken over (at least for one day) the No. 5 spot in the batting order.

Thankfully, no one has been assigned Nomar's No. 5. The folks in charge may be coldblooded when it comes to Nomar, but they are not stupid.

"We know there are going to be some people disappointed about the fact that Nomar is not here," said Gabe Kapler (three hits, a home run), who played as if he actually cared on No Nomar Night. "We understand that. But we also know that this is a crucial time for us. As players, we need to downplay the Nomar thing and play up the time of year this is. But we know there are people here who miss Nomar and we respect that."

While the Red Sox prepared for the Devil Rays, fans across the street depleted the stock of all things Nomar at the Twins souvenir store.

"We may have to reorder," said store general manager Scott Saklad. "He's part of the Red Sox elite now."

Mary Hawkins of Jacksonville, Fla., was shelling out $125 for an authentic Nomar jersey while Saklad contemplated ordering more product.

"I had these tickets before the trade and I'm ticked off at the thought of not seeing him," Hawkins said. "I could cry. I'm really upset."

At another counter, two young men were preparing to order Cubs caps. Both wore Nomar No. 5 jerseys.

"I'm very disappointed that they would trade Nomar," said Joe Flynn of Webster, Mass. "But it's not the players who are here now, it's management I have issues with."

Fans were polite toward Cabrera and Mientkiewicz during introductions (Cabrera's 44 jersey and Mientkiewicz's 13 are already in the souvenir store).

Cabrera made some new friends in the top of the first with a quick move on a nifty 4-6-3 double play that got Schilling out of a bases-loaded jam. The Fenway DJ was quick to put the Eagles' "New Kid in Town" on the PA system.

There was more applause for Cabrera in the fifth when he went into the hole and backhanded a would-be single by Toby Hall. The new shortstop's throw was in plenty of time and fans began to think that this might not be such a bad deal after all.

Then Schilling morphed into John Wasdin. And it was ugly. Cabrera (popup) and Mientkiewicz (double play grounder) made all the outs in the Boston eighth and heard a few boos.

If the Red Sox don't go on a roll, the Nomar deal is going to be in Boston's face for the rest of this year and far into the future. Remember, image is everything, and the wrath of the Red Sox Nation will rain on the heads of Theo and the Trio if the Sox don't make the playoffs.

Monday night would have been a good night to make a statement and win a third straight game. Instead, they were thrashed on the first Fenway night of the No Nomar Era.

The Cubs were off Monday. Bet the guy who rarely smiled while he was here was smiling Monday night.

Dan Shaughnessy writes for the Boston Globe.

(through 31 AB's, attitudinal Nomar @ .382)
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