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Telluride - when to go

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I'm also trying to decide what ski trips to plan this year. Went to Telluride last season at the end of Feb and had fabulous conditions. Really loved it. Have two additional trip possibilities this year to Telluride as well. One is March 20-26, the second is Jan 15-22. Will there still be snow that late in March? How cold in mid-Jan? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Other options include Park City area late in Feb or Val Thorens in France in early March. Tx much!
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I don't have any answers for you since I've never been to Telluride, but I have a question for you. Would you recommend Telluride to a solid intermediate skier? I mostly ski blue runs but will tackle the easiest black diamond, on my good days.

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OTHIskier: see my answer to your Telluride queston under your post.

I ususally ski in Telluride the last week of January and middle to late March.

Last couple of years late January has not had many powder days. This past
year I stayed 2 weeks and the 2nd week (1st week of Feb) had more snow than I've experieced in any of my previous (5 years) trips. 1st dump started Saturday thru Sunday. Then it started snowing Tues afternoon thru Thrus morning. Wed and Thurs left my cruisers at home and rented some fatties (but that's another story). That being said the conditions are usuall packed powder. But there are absolutely no lines.

March usually has some nice dumps. This past year I missed our usual spring break trip and I understand it was very warm (too warm), but in past years we've had great skiing in March. The down side is that this is spring break and while the lines are minimal comapred to other places (3-5 minutes at the village core) they seem long to those of us spoiled by January skiing. Check out when Texas schools spring break is and avoid that week.
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Intermediate skiing is great fun!

Hi Johnny,

I'm also an intermediate skier and just love it at Telluride. They have a significant % of area targeted at the intermediate skier. There are also some good runs in the easy black and strong greens. I actually thought the beginner area had some great long cruisers where you could really work on turns and speed. Then you can work on the blacks as well. The only thing w/ Telluride is there isn't as much skiable area as a Vail or Whistler, so you will be skiing the same terrain a few days. But the snow conditions, great town and lack of lift lines made it great.

Hi Lorian,

Thx for sharing your experience on the ski terrain. Very helpful!! And I'll watch out for those spring breakers!

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I am NOT making any predictions here and I'm one of those types of people who frequently say "I'll believe it when I see it" but....BUT.....whoever "they" are have already started the talk about El nino being back this year. Telluride and northern New Mexico were CRUSHED with snow during the last (2) El nino cycles. They had so much snow in DECEMBER that we packed our bags with less than a weeks notice and went...one of the best trips I ever had.

I think it's great for Intermediates and the town, while small, is pretty cool (and "real").!!!
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I live in Ouray, CO and ski exclusively at Telluride. Anything is possible of course, but I have heard reference to a phenomenon known as the "January drought" in these parts. In my opinion March is a better bet. If nothing else there will be fewer fat tourists from Texas because "it's too cold".

Also, I am predicting an EPIC winter. Nothing to base that on but it WILL happen. : And no, it's not because of El Nino. I did some serious digging on the whole El Nino hoopla, and it has as much chance of causing dust bowls as it does of causing avalanches in any particular place. It just shakes up the dice. Nobody knows how they will land. Still....this IS the winter. Don't live the rest of your life in regret. It's coming......

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