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too long?

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I just bought a new pair of Volant Vertex Epic 155's. I'm female, 5'0" and 112 lbs, basic intermediate skiier. My old straight skis were 150's. I'm a little paranoid. The skis are about 2-3 inches taller than me (they seem more like 158's).

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can you return them?

I would see if they will let you demo a pair shorter than that and see if it's a better fit. and if so, can you trade them in for the shorter length. I think most people consider the middle of the forehead about the tallest you want to go.

If you have not skied on them yet and it was a recommendation from the sales person to go longer, I would just explain that you understand you should have gone shorter not longer when moving from straight to shaped. any good shop worth their weight would make it good.
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155 is the shortest you can get this ski in. This ski should be skied about head height (w/in 2-3"). My son who is 4'10 and 100 lbs is skiing the Super X in a 155 and my wife (5'2/ 145) is skiing PowerKarves in a 173 and Mother-in-Law (5'2" 135) is skiing the Epic in a 168. Both are solid intermediates. I think you are fine with the 155. The worst thing you can do (and it sounds like you started...) is psyche your self out. Relax, you got a great ski that is very forgiving, go enjoy it.
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Thanks for the info Phil, I was un-aware of the minimum size.

Marta, Listen to Phil, He's our Volant guru [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thank you Phil! I was hoping you'd see my message! I was a little psyched out as you were so good to notice! I have demoed in the past...but this year I went straight for the new purchase not waiting to warm up the season on the old first. Needless to say, I am out of shape, using old bad habits which don't work for shaped skis, and all along thinking the transition to shaped skis would be as if I am picking up where I left off last season! (the end of last year was wonderful, ripping down Whiteface for a week). Thanks again. I feel much better now.

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Hi again Marta,

The women world cup slalom skiers are now using 150-155 cm. skis. Often when they get into trouble, they are in the back seat
[something caused them to lean backward,i.e. they are no longer centered on their skis.]Often, when I have watched them comptete on TV there is so little ski behind the heel piece of the binding, literally, there is not enough ski to "fall back on," so they often hit the deck on their backside.

Remember, you are on a woman specific ski, it is forgiving Volant ski, and you should be fine.

Go forth and ski in confidently, knowing that your skis are fine.Your boots and alignment may be another issue that you should check out.
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Hi wink!
Thanks for your support too. I know I made the right decision.

I plan on taking a lesson on friday to help me make the transition to shaped skis. I'll have the instructor take a look at my stance/alignment/etc, although I had my boots custom fit when I bought them, but I'll have them checked anyway.

Gee, it seems like Volant people are like Jeep people! Wonder if there's any connection here... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Strangely enough (or not), I have three pairs of Volants and four Jeeps.
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things that make you go hmmmmm....
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Yeah, I'm just trying to convince the wife that I need a fourth pair of Volants to match the fourth Jeep.
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