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Ski chair/bench thing

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I recall a couple of threads on here a while ago about chairs/benches made out of skis. They had a weird name... but anyway, i can't find them anymore and fancy having a crack at building one - can anyone give me any tips?

Cheers to all

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Thanks CF.

Anyone else have any tips on actually building these things?
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Were you thinking of Adirondack (Which is a pretty weird name if you ask me)

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They sell them at Snowshack.com - Vermont Furniture Re-Ski ski recyclers. I have a few of them and they are fantastic - plus everyone comments on them constantly.

See Fox's link...
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Kee Tov made some and I think posted basic directions quite awhile ago. Ya might try a PM to him and ask.
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They can be purchased at http://www.skichair.com/

Wear the Fox Hat: Adirondack is a take-off on the Native American term for "barkeater", refering to the early inhabitants of the area.
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Do a search on adirondack chair, I found this link from Kee Tov back in dec 2001

Here's a site that you might find interesting.
Always enjoy what you are doing.
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NE1, thanks!
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