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Soft boots are 4 what?

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OK, another equipment mystery that slipped by me.
Can someone give me a SHORT explanation?
& I don't mean SHORT as in SKIS. You know how that drags on.
& who has the shortest skis with the softest boots?
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As I mentioned elsewhere I have 167cm t-power cobra S mid fats and solomon soft boots.

I'd tell you how they work but iut's not snowing here yet.

the theory though is that shaped skis need stiffness on the sides, not the front, because they get tipped over in parallel as opposed to the weight shift thing.

I hope i said that right.
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The way I understand it is Softboots for lightness and comfort (no/or less pressure points) and yet stiff enough laterally so you can put your skis on edge. You really need "new technology skis" and "new technique" to take advantage of the "soft boot" technology. Carving skis (soft flex/stiff torsionally and medium to deep sidecut) and tipping to turn, (contact on the shins at 10:00/2:00) instead of pressuring the front of the boot to flex the ski.

Hope that was correct and short enough.
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I thought the soft boots were for snowboarding. So far, the only people who I have seen them on are demo techs. I have never seen them ski with them though.
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Exactly Betaracer. It is just what I thought too.
I guess I picture this "new" style as being limited to "carving" on groomers. If bumps & trees & deep & crud is the terrain of choice it would seem soft would be, well, exactly as the name implies. Soft.
Am I correct?
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The new softboot is actually an Exo-Frame type construction with a rigid frame and a soft shell/liner. In Theory they should work all over the mountain. What remains to be seen is if the frame is truly rigid enough to supply the performance of a conventional 4 or 5 buckle boot. For the Recreational skier (2-10 days a year) this may be a huge breakthrough and as technology catches up with the use, these boots should just keep getting better.
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I was talking with the head of the buying group for the majority of the ski shops here in Michigan.

There will be many more of the soft boots being offered next season. He feels that right now, Rossi currently has the best product, and everyone else is playing catch up. So by next seson and perhaps in two there should be a soft boot for every skier except perhaps the top 10% of those very very performance oriented expert skiers.

They are the future just as shaped skis were five short years ago. If fact the soft boot evolution is the result of the changing skiing technique do to shaped skis.

My feet are already saying: "ahaaa, yes. "

Can't wait !
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