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170 Volkl V-Pro?

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Are they suitable for a woman skier who likes moderate pace? Bumps?
On a stiffness scale with the Explosive as a 9, a 724 Pro as a 7, where would the V-Pro be? Any real experience, any input welcome. Thanks
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I have the V-Pros in a 180 & the ski shorter than a 180 length. I'm 5' 11", 180#. On your stiffness scale they would be a 5 or 6. I could easily ski them on at a length of 190 cm even in moguls but I enjoy them in a shorter length. They are a very comfortable, predictable ski but I would have a hard time recommending for or against a length of 170 for a woman without knowing the more about the woman's size, what skis she's currently using..... When I was at Jackon Hole this year I saw a few women using them in powder & crud in a 170 length but they were very good skiers.

I love my V-Pros but they do lack the usual hard snow/ice performance of most Volkl skis. I would hesitate getting them where you live unless you are looking for something for skiing out west.
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I have the V-Pro in the 180 and in the 190. I am 6' 195 lbs, and I like the 190 much more than the 180. I like it a lot better on hard snow than the 180, and have even used it in a GS or two. Like the poster above said though, I can't say much about the 170 for your wife, not knowing much about her size, etc. I haven't skiied the Explosiv, but I fouind the V-Pro to be much more forgiving than the 724 Pro, it's easier to get more turn shapes out of it, while the 724 seems like it prefers a certain shape. The V-Pro is a bit of a straighter ski, and I think that's part of why I like it in bumps. I've retired my 180s in favor of a pair of 177 Karmas, but am keeping my 190s for a jib ski.
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Rio, she is a good skier, though she uses the "traditional" stance or method. Currently on some Volkl P30 Platinums,178cm. As i said she likes moderate pace. Doing a search, I saw the word predictable more than once, are they popless, or just
require extra input?
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If she can handle the P30 Platinums in a 178cm then the V-Pros in a 170 shouldn't be a problem. The V-Pros are a damp ski with little pop. When I first got them I didn't like their damp feel but the more I skied them the more I came to appreciate them especially in tricky crud.
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Originally Posted by epic
....I've retired my 180s in favor of a pair of 177 Karmas, but am keeping my 190s for a jib ski.

Just wondering, how does that make sense? Why would your retire the shorter ones and keep the longer ones as a jib ski?
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Cuz the 190s are older and I don't mind learning to slide rails on them. Also, I kinda liked the longer ones better in the pipe.
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