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Who broke their stuff this year?

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Just wondering who had problems with their equipment this year. My XXX's are going back as soon as I know I won't be riding them any more due to them delaminating under the heal. Hopefully I can get next seasons model as I hear they have changed them quite a bit.
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I had a technology breakdown this year on ski trips.
My palmIII died at the canyons. (I had all my phone numbers for the bears in the area stored on it. Luckily my lap top was still working) 1 of my pair of radios died there, the second one died in Tahoe. My Altimeter watch battery died between Canyons and Alta..
All back and working. New palm..

sending my X Scream series in to have them look at the slight cosmetic cracking. (not as severe as others I've seen but since under Warr, Why not?

and my wife broke her cat tracks. (big deal)

My dad took his Hi-8 sony to Alta and it got banged around a little. Funny thing about this is The sound was not working before we went to alta. Now it's working. Sony said the technology was too old and could not fix it. (out of lifecycle) Too bad it doesn't have steady shot. Dad got a new toy this year anyway.
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I guess I graduated into 'I ski hard' territory.

Broke my graphite poles (got them replaced under warranty - to then get stoled the first day I got the replacements back).

Broke my Atomic 9.22's. Would love to say it was doing something cool, but it was when I was standing on top of a bump and slid backwards. When the tail dug into the bump behind me, it snapped under the binding.

Broke my wallet buying too much gear. or should that really be a
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Well, I generally break something every year. But I don't pay for it so its usually more of an inconvience than anything. I must say that over the last 10 years gear has been getting much more reliable, the parts that break most often each season these days tend to be small and easily replacable parts rather than entire binding housings, skis, boot toe/heels and etc..
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No major equipment breaks this past season, however there are a few days left......
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1 pr poles
2 pr skis (cracked fairly severly)
1 binding brake
1 tailbone
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1 pair of 14 year old poles.
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Busted a pair of brand new rossi poles. Earlier today I may have blown the edge on my xxx's I haven't really looked at it closely yet, but I think I can fix it. It could have been worse, I could have broken me.
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Busted the tips on my K2 Mod X Pro's. However, I am proud to be a member of the "K2 by a 2001 model, and upgrade to the 2002 for free" group like many of the other Mod owners out there. Hey, Didn't X-Scream owners get that same deal last season. The big guys are really doing a number on keepin gus on there product for consecfutive seasons!
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One tip insert on my old P-40's came off and was lost.


Knock it off will you....... some of us feel bad enough on a good day.

It sounds like you are carried to the lift on a flower strewn path by an flock of adoring Nubians.........

Tell us it ain't so.
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Oh come on Yuki - don't lay guilt on me! I look at it a completely different way. I've got two college degrees that I barely use, my car is getting older all the time, the house needs repairs. Skiing full time for a living doesn't pay great, even when I was a ski school director I wasn't getting rich by any means . . . so the free gear is simply part of the small compensation we get! Don't begrudge me my free gear!! then I *really* wouldn't be able to afford this sport!

And no flowers or nubians . . . I like the idea though, I should pitch that to my sponsors eh?
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Delamed two pair of Rossi Mountain X's, under the heal. Dualtec construction may have some problems????
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Never broke any ski equipment any year or ever needed warranty service. On anything. However, I did once break a knuckle on my left hand in a fall on ice at [check this out] Deer Vally [!!!!!!] so go figure.
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I broke my Volant Superkarve I. I skied fully 1/2 my season on my Chubbs. Fortunately I had only 1 icy day on them, because I haven't had them tuned or sharpened in 4 years!
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For the first season that I can remember - nothing major broke! The worst thing that happened was a cable on my Chili's, but I keep a spare on just for that. Combined with the amazing season we had in the east, I'd have to say it was one of the best years yet.
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Oboe's not telling the WHOLE story.

The only ice at Deer Valley is what they are brusing the scotch with......

And now Oboe will tell us........... the rest of the story.........
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yuki . . . later
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I managed to separate one of my toe-pieces from the ski. Luckily, it didn't cause an accident. I stored my skis to go in and meet up with JohnH. When I picked them back up, the toe piece just fell off. I guess the pressure of my boot being in the binding kept everything together when I was on them. Had them fixed and didn't (knock on wood) damage anything else for the rest of the season.

All bets are off for mountain biking season though. I've already snapped a titanium quick release skewer.
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Broke one snowboard binding strap.
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Gill, then what were you skiing on when we skied together?

No broken equipment this year. But then, I hardly gave it a chance, because I skied so little. I'm fairly easy on my equipment though. My only equipment damage ove the past 5 years has been one boot buckle snapped in a fall, one ski bent in the bumps, and one ACL snapped on a groomer. I also broke some goggle lenses, but other than that, no damage.
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Hey JohnH - I realized they were broken at the end of the day. Remember, I showed them to you when I swung around to the instructor's trailer - the toe piece was hanging off the ski, held on by only the little plastic piece that connects the heel and toe pieces?
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yeah, I remember now.
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