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Other sports invading your body

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This is somewhat related to ryan's original thread of When Skiing invades the body, mostly as a glimpse into a darker shadow of this problem.

The first clear Saturday morning after the fourth of July deluge, I decided I'd had quite enough of the indoors. The still-wet trails meant that skating was an unpleasant proposition at best, so what better than to take the bike out for a very long while?

My first mistake occurred just then: I did not resist the urge to multitask. Sure, I said, I'll drop that gunsmithing jig off at your friend's house. No problem, after all the man lives three blocks from a rail trail and the jig fits nicely into the EpicSki messenger bag. Right.

I could barely pick the bag up with one hand, so it was easily over 50lbs. I set off anyway.

The next three and a half hours were, hmmm, instructional. I learned to stay seated or else, to appreciate chamois cream, to spin like crazy or never go anywhere, to make sure the seatpost is VERY tight, among other things.

At 9 AM and 64 miles later, I set it down on the man's doorstep without having the energy to zip the bag open, so I left the bag too.

Then I found out I could fly. WOW! Up, down, whee, find some hills, YES! Do it Again! After a little more than two hours of assorted detours and grinning like a maniac, I found the road that led down to the ferry. That was fun too, as it came down off the bluffs into three tight switchbacks at the river.

I rode directly onto the ferry, and pulled up next to the rail behind the other cars.

Then IT happened. Abs, arms, legs, went into death-clench mode and my front wheel started shaking uncontrollably.

I could not get stable!

There I was, looking at the horizon line, white-knuckling the drops and trying to steer a 600 ton ferry with handlebars, body english and 23mm tires.

Didn't work, so, being me, I tried harder.
It wasn't until the fare collector came 'round for his $1 that I gave up; he was still laughing $10 later. I think the whole episode lasted less than a minute.

BTW, I was not dehydrated or lacking for electrolytes or calories and went on to ride more yet.
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You are hard-core, bro! 50+ lbs on your back for 64 miles! Hurts to think about. How many more miles did you fly though after relieving yourself of the load? Sounds like many. If you ever need a low-paying, dangerous, but physically demanding job, come down to Quick Messenger Service, tell 'em 15 sent you. The fact that you completed the delivery by 9am just puts you over the top. Good job!
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Well, TR, thanks for the reference, I am sick enough of ceilings that I thought about that for longer than I should have. Logbook sez 141, but it really isn't about the ride.

I tell you, I was just plain TERRIFIED that the motor skills were so divorced from conscious thought I could not stop them. Like having an alien body.
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