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New Chair @ Hood

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Stumbled onto this from a link off a website I did.:

Here's the punch line. http://www.whistler-insider.com
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Hood is a mountain; Meadows is a ski resort.

Looks like we can sleep an extra half hour this winter.
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I like the $10 night skiing at Meadows. Usually make a few trips during Winter to Hood. Geez,their prices are getting a little steep. You training anymore this summer?
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No more camps. Might go free skiing sometime this month, if I can find someone to go with. I'd like to take the video camera out and see what changes the camps brought about. I think I really did make some good changes in my amount of counter, hand positioning and edging. Might be fun to post before and after videos here.
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T-line Video

That sounds like a plan Sue. I've got a Digital Video Camcorder. Let's get a couple of skiers to meet up. Sometime this month. Your thoughts?
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