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Volkl (USA) 04/05 is up

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Link did not work for me. Got me the 03/04 site. What am I doing wrong?
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Don't Know.
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Thanks John J. Looks like the the Volkl 7 24 EXP is a ski I would like to test drive. The 7 24 EXP has a 74mm waist which should make it a nice 50/50 front side/back side ski. It may give the Dynastar Legend 4800 some competition.

Anyone test drive the Volkl 7 24 EXP?

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My computer felt better today so I was able to get to 04/05 today. I find it strange that they do not offer the AX 4 as I thought it was a real popular and versatile backcountry ski.
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Norefjell, If you are looking for some AX4s, try www.BGoutlet.com They are going for $370.
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Thanks, we think alike. I actually bought a pair of 178's from this site last Thursday. I thought that $370 was a good price.
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The great impertinence is that the Explosives and T-Rocks are not sold over here!:
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Nice of Volkl to announce which skis Ski mag and Skiing magazine are going to be giving great reviews to - the whole supersport series got Ski magazie "gold awards" and Skiing gave "testers choice" awards to the Supersport and 6-stars! Guess I don't have to wait for the mailman to deliver the 2004 buyers guides in September :-)
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Sanouks <---- so hot right now.
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Originally Posted by seldon
Sanouks <---- so hot right now.
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Looks like Volkl's hot ski this year, the SuperSpeed, is a rip-off of the Nordica SUV 12x (called the SUV 14xbs this year). Exact same dimensions, they look very similar and it sound like they perform similar. I guess they can do that since the own Nordica.
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Rio, Nordica is owned by Tecnica, not Voelkl.
And Voelkl in now owned by K2.
Still, since the Superspeed were developed during the past year, it may well be that you are right about the brotherhod between te Superspeed and the SUV...
I wonder when K2 will shut down the European Voelkl plant and move production to China. I'm still drooling after Voelkls, but on that day I'll stop.
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Nobody -

I was joking about the rip-off but I do believe the SUV 12x influenced the decision to make the SuperSpeed. I have some SUV 12x and they are an outrageously fun ski for bombing around. If Nordica was a popular brand you would have seen them everywhere. I bet you'll see many pairs of SuperSpeeds flying by you on the slopes this year.
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I bet, but at the price shops are asking, those'll be way out of my pockets reach.
Oh well, another season on p40...
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