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Blue Moon

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Look at the sky tonight and you will witness a rare event, the Blue Moon, which is the second full moon in a month.
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And the perfect wines for the event come from Bridgeview Vinyards in Southern Oregon.
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Cool, we will be camping in Wyoming, the stars and moon should be beautiful.
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AWESOME!!! Especially since I'm now living where I can actually see the moon without 5 layers of pollution!

And since Mark is coming out tonight, the words "You saw me standing alone" don't apply!
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I thought the blue moon was the 31st? Glad you said something. We should have no problem seeing it from up here in beautiful Northern Vermont!
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Right on Rio. Definitly not a "pizza wine" by our standards. We get that here in Dairy Air. It's one of my favorites.
Also the name of the bar(The Blue Moon) where we have our F-1 breakfasts.
Brings to mind a night in Jackson Hole many years ago. The group playing at the Cowboy Bar did a "fifties" set. When they played Blue Moon, they all dropped trow' to reveal blue bikini briefs.
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The NASA site is saying July 31st for Blue Moon...
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I stand corrected.:
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Well, we sure wouldn't want everyone to be disappointed! Glad I checked...
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I've heard that something like this happens every once in a blue moon.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
I've heard that something like this happens every once in a blue moon.
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It's only blue cuz it's made of cheese.
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Darn thunderstorms here in PA, so I can't see anything
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Got a good look last night. I was at a wedding reception on Lake Mendota. the moon came up across the lake from behind the Capitol. Cool!
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Our blue moon was a peachy orange due to smoke from a forest fire way off in Canada.
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Bronco orange over here.
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