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The reappearance of Inspector Gadget (aka Dear Diary)

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My name is Inspector Gadget; it's been 90 days since my last post on EpicSki.com. While I have no good excuse for my absence, I think it's time to file a Dear Diary installment:

Let me start off by noting the new appearance the board has taken on; it's very nice, but I need to learn my way around again. Regarding my abbreviated identity "I Gadget" - I'll need to address that immediately as I don't really care for it.

As you may - or may not - recall, one of my last posts was about my broken arm. Well the cast came off and the pins came out in mid-May; unfortunately, my range of motion was zee-ro. Having been to see my physical therapist (I lovingly call her my dominatrix) twice a week, my range of motion and grip strength have improved dramatically. Though, as both my doctor and dom have told me, it will probably be six months to a year before I reach my full - likely less than 100% - range of motion.

In early April I had started my fund raising campaign for this year's Multiple Sclerosis 150 Bike Tour. My goal had been to raise $3500 - that's one dollar for every person in Utah with MS. As I hadn't turned a wheel on my bike all spring, I knew I wouldn't be able to ride the entire 150 miles. So, for a variety of reasons, I skipped the Saturday ride in favor of Sunday's 75 mile loop. Not knowing which would be the first body part to throw in the towel - my butt or legs, because I hadn't been riding; or my wrist, because it was still very tender - I was fully prepared to catch the sag-wagon at the first rest stop. Well, the rest stops came and went and before I knew it I was at the final rest stop eating lunch. And I felt surprisingly good. I finished the ride with a swollen wrist and a tired body; but, even more than last year, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

I have several people from this board to thank for their generosity:
  • dchan
  • comprex
  • Bonnie and skier j
  • ts01
  • irul&ublo
  • teachskiljp
  • Max Capacity
  • Man I hope I didn't leave anyone out
Initially my fund raising efforts slowed down dramatically when the reality of my injury set-in; but, I got my second wind and will turn in my final pledge tomorrow with a grand total of $2527! Not too bad, if I do say so myself. To those people I've listed above - please accept my sincere thanks, I really do appreciate your donation.

You might see me around here a lot more in the immediate future. As of tomorrow I can count myself among the unemployed. I've been putting my resume out for some time now; not a serious job search, more just testing the waters. However, now my employer is making the choice for myself and many of my co-workers. In the long-run, I'm sure it's for the better. But in the short-run, I'm more than a little anxious. Beyond putting food on the table, the reduced cash-flow will seriously limit my ability to buy new toys. I could see the writing on the wall - and wanting to do something that was fun - I started working at REI on part-time basis a few weeks ago.

So, what have I missed around here???
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hey stranger! good to hear you are on the mend!
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"So, what have I missed around here???"

Gonzostrike finally confessed to being Dr. GO.

Other'n that, everything.
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Hey IG! good to see you again!
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Welcome back IG.
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So you've lost a job and gained a dominatrix? Can't be all bad!

Bully for you for getting out there! You can ride, you can ski, whew! As always, Inspector, I am impressed.:

Can you draw unemployment? Check it out. You may still be able to work part time and have benefits while looking for a satisfying position. I've always found that when switching jobs, it's always a move upwards.

Well, the exception is this last one! Home Depot is so cheap we don't even get a discount! We get coupons every 4 months or so to use for one weekend only...usually on a week money is not abundant, as they hand them out a few days before. And it's only 10% off. Does REI offer an employee discount?

Good to have you back! Stir things up summore, wouldya? It's been dull around here..........we have to have a wine bashing in order to stay entertained!
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Welcome back! I hope you get much better soon!!!
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Good to "see" you again, Inspector, and glad to hear that your arm is getting better. Remember to get into a good post rehab program after PT is finished. Being unemployed can sometimes be the kick in the butt you need to get your life in order. I ain't saying it's not scarey, but sometimes it's for the best.

I agree with Bonni. Switching jobs is often a move upward. In my case, it involved "gaining a bit of altitude!"
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Hey Bonnie,

I used to work at Lowe's, and we got everything for 2% above cost. Do you have a Lowe's in your town? In case you don't, and have never heard of it, it's just like Home Depot, only blue instead of orange.
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I still think you're a tool. :-)
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Nice to see you posting iG. hows that arm doing now? i know your an avide motorcycle rider so here is an up date you may like. i just bought myself a 1989 1100 Honda Shadow, with only 1300 miles on it. I know a guy in his 50's divorced buying motorcycle. most be some sort of midlife crisis. Now i just need the 24 year old hot body girlfriend. Oh wait i don't live in Deer Valley and on my income could only support her for a couple of weeks. Anyway I am teaching myself how to ride when If you are up for it maybe we could do a run up Mirror Lake hyw someday.
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Utah49, get a Not-So-Hot bodied 49 year old girlfriend and have the Time Of Your Life!

I've heard of Lowe's, suebrown, as my daughter works at one in Spokane. There isn't one around here.

I'm setting my sights higher than that, though. Still looking....and looking...and looking........
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Bonnie if you happen to have anyone in mind I am open to any and all suggestions. Maybe i should be posting over on Paulas ski lovers . Is the site still around?
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Originally Posted by xdog1
I still think you're a tool. :-)
Maybe so, but I'm a good tool.
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Hi, IG glad to see your alive and well. Is the "I Gadget" an hint at the fact that only one of your two gadgets (arms) is fully functional ?

Hey Good Luck Man, we all missed you. I see you have noticed Fox is back.

Hope everyone is having a good Summer.
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I've never been to Paula's. LM?

There are some nice single ladies on this site. Kathy? Skierteachljp? You all out there?
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Is the site still around?
It's still around.
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Maybe we could start an epicski personals forum. Lets see catchy name? The Lonely Bears forum?

Is this what they mean by hijacking a thread?
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I met Jeff here. Now we're happily married. :

Anything is possible.
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Maybe we could start an epicski personals forum.
This forum already nurtures enablers and codependents; what more could you ask for?
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Maybe we could start an epicski personals forum. Lets see catchy name? The Lonely Bears forum?
How about the "Bears Naked" forum?

Originally Posted by Utah49
Is this what they mean by hijacking a thread?
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Nekkied Bears!! How shocking! I'm horrified and if you saw me nekkied you would be horrified too. besides nekkied skiing would be rather chilly
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Inspector Gadget, Check your PM.
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Thank you for restoring my identity dchan.
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think I saw you & chatted more on this "hiatus" than before.......

anybody that can do the MS 150 with a hand in the shape yours was has my lasting respect.
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