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Great view of three mile island from Ski Roundtop, Pa.
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Originally Posted by telerod15
Great view of three mile island from Ski Roundtop, Pa.
There's a view I saw a lot last winter. It kind of paled though when I saw Vail's back bowls in April.
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I'd have to say I was breathtaken with views in Kaprun, Austria (glacier). I was jonesin to ski and was on business and they sent me up there. The valley was fogged in so it was like you were skiing in the abyss...no ground to speak of.

And basically every time I hit first chair it's a sweet scene.
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I recall being pretty impressed by the view (I think it was of the Tetons) from Grand Targhee Ski Area in Wyoming just accross the border from Idaho. Be advised, though, it's a pretty dull place at night; fine place for honeymooners. In the nearest town, in the pizza place, they thought burgundy was whiskey (they don't sell it-Mormon country). If you get too bored, you can zip on over to Jackson Hole not far away where drinking is expensive as hell because that's the nearest watering hole from Mormon country. As for Switzerland, the view from the top of the Cline-Matterhorn (Kline?) area looking out at Alps as far as the eye could see was a genuinely moving experience. IMAO, The Alps have to be viewed from the top to get the real feel.
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Lake Tahoe, Dolomites, Whistler, Snowbird

Tahoe: The views from Heavenly, Homewood are great, and you feel like you can ski into the lake. The views there are a touch better than the views from Squaw or Alpine Meadows, which are two of my favorite resorts there.

Dolomites: As mentioned in another thread, the Dolomites are the most beautiful mountains I've seen. [See thread on Cortina, Marmolada, etc.]

Utah: Love Snowbird & Alta. Although, half the time I'm there, I'd rather see snow coming down...

Whistler: Looking off the back of Whistler at Black Tusk will get you pumped.
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Originally Posted by Powderdog
As for Switzerland, the view from the top of the Cline-Matterhorn (Kline?) area looking out at Alps as far as the eye could see was a genuinely moving experience.
Agree with you about that view . Incidentally, although it is pronounced as you have spellt it, in German it is actually spellt Klein (which means little)
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Think this is of/from Klein Matterhorn. Anybody recognize the ski station in foreground?
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Grimentz in the Valais

I was there last year, the scenery is stunning , here is my small report http://rt0010i9.eresmas.net/index.htm in spanish :-(
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Cabadian Rockies are awesome( Sunshine- Lake Louise). I didn't ski at Aleyeska but stopped there when I was up in Alaska on a business trip and the scenery with the mountains and the inlet is fantastic.

I only went to Whistler once and drove up from Seattle. I thought the mountains and the ocean scenery in Vancouver was incredible. The 75 mile Sea to Ski Highway up to Whistler from Vancouver is another ski country must . Widening that road for the Olympics in a few years has got to be a huge engineering project. I'd like to go back and see it when it gets done.

Aspen has to rank at the top too.
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the view of Mt. Washington from Wildcat. A couple years ago one of the ski rags had an issue with the ten best views; I think Wildcat might have been the only only east coast areas. I gotta say it is really nice. There's some other nice east coast views. I like the top of SB North where you can look out at the Champlagne valley. I think you can see Mt. W from the top of Jordon at SR.
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You can see Mount Washington from alot of Eastern ski resorts.
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...view of Mt. Washington from Wildcat.
Yeah L2T, you are right on there!. It is definitely up there. Wildcat has a lot of trails with unbelievable vistas, Mt Washington being literally "across the street".:
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Kicking Horse, Another interesting place. When I was there the view was very surreal, something you might imagine in one of Tolkien's books.
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The view of Mt. Washington from Wildcat vs. from other Eastern ski resorts is like watching the Lord of the Rings on an old 13" black and white tv vs. seeing it from the front row of an Imax theatre.

My vote goes to Wildcat.
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The steam room in the thermal spas at Bad Hofgastein.

(although it can also be a REALLY BAD view if you go when it's got a few pensioners in it...)
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1988 - Cloudmont Ski Resort, Mentone AL - Saturday night. Drunk as an....Alabamian on a Saturday night. The moon, the moons, the crunch of a budweiser can under my ski..... the sound of rock tearing through denim as I a splat in a snow puddle again, after yet another attempt at learning to ski duct taped slalom gates on skis WAY too long for me even though the guy at the sports store in Huntsville said they were just right for a beginner like, me.

As I lay there on my back feeling the cold mud-water seeping into my boxer shorts one of those times, I caught sight of a couple of stars through the ever present cloud bank that is the Alabama sky in winter. Damn it was beautiful.....

And then I moved.
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