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Ski Desktop Backgrounds

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Can anyone recommend a good site to get some ski pics for a PC desktop?

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www.webshots.com, specifically:
But then also in the gallery section
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Well, my current screen background comes from this web page:
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find an image you like...

for example, go to google, click on their IMAGES option, and enter the name of, say, your favorite ski mountain. you will then have a page (if not pages) of images of that mountain.

you should be able to right-click on any image to get the option to save as desktop background. do that and you'll have that image as your desktop background.

obviously, the images you have available to choose from will depend on what you search for.
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Thanks for the links.

I know how to set the background it's just that alot of the major websites make the images small on purpose so they look like crap when stretched on a desktop.
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Scalce on the website I listed, the guy that runs it is such a genius that he posts the photos at 1600x1200 - just click on the thumbnails.
He must be a genius...
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Wait until this winter and make your own...
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I've got a spectacular desktop from 7 springs. Heres a link

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Vail's website has a photo gallery of wallpaper. http://vail.snow.com/info/mtn.cp.wallpaper.asp
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Hey Scalce,

I have a picture of the Blow Hole, remember that thread during the late winter?
I'll have to check out Fox's link I'll bet there some good stuff there. Fox, your the man.

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Thanks, Max!
The link I posted above is just of my trip to Austria in March
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gotta go w/ loveland.

there are many great websites to choose from. if you have the time, i recommend going to vail.com or breckenridge.com and going thru their photo galleries 'til one just hits you as "this is it" (feb. is usually a good month to get photos of snow coming down hard).

however loveland does it for me. these are the one's i recommend: http://www.skiloveland.com/photogall...toGallery9.htm

and this is what i have now:
http://www.skiloveland.com/photogall...sin_valley.jpg - and i have been right there many times !!!
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www.biglines.com is a good place to find pictures. Go to the photo section and then pick which type of skiing you want and you'll get thousands of pics.

EDIT- Found some really awesome pics of Whistler/Blackcomb here: http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/wallpaper/
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Ha Ha, East skier! I already had that on my background. The background on my computer changes every hour, but that shot of SevenSprings in one of twelve in the rotation!

Keoki is going to get some screen time too! Beautiful!

Planning to check out all the other links. Thanks all, can't get enough pretty pictures!
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