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Mens high performance size 14-15 ski boots don't exist.

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I wear size 14-15 and it sucks because no ski boot company makes any higher performance boots in large sizes, they stop off at like 12-13 on the high end boots and then only make the cheaper very soft beginner boots up to my size which is annoying. Does any other big footed human have this similiar problem? Does anyone know of any companyies making at least mid level boots in king kong size? I called Noridca and they said they have (ez move 12 boot) up to a 32.5 = a mens 14 1/2. My current salomon boots are shot and worn out and I remembered the headache to find them. Plus I had to gut the entire linning just to fit my foot in. I also don't have any access and I am not close to any good bootfitter shops since I currently live in Hillbilly, KY. But I wanted to start looking early before the season begins and start my reasearch. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Try Strolz http://www.strolz.at/english/gesamt.htm

You may have to make a trip to Lech to get them.
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Strolz definstaley cost a pretty penny, but they were the best fitting boot I've ever had. The only downside is if you are rather aggressive a skier (as I am) they can occasionally be problematic. Twice on trips west I broke my boots, and they were not able to be repaired because the dealers/fitters are so few and far between (I broke them in Utah, Big/Little Cottonwood area and in Jackson Hole, neither area had a shop that could fix em).

I am still trying to work with my bootfitter to see about getting some parts made in metal instead of the readily available plastic parts.
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I have size 14 feet and I bought a pair of Salomon XWave 10s and they work fine...it was a bit of a pain finding them but they are out there...Size 15 may be a problem...good luck
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Yea I got some info from a Utah boot fitter recommending a Salomon Crossmax 10 and Salomon X-wave 9 and a Lange Comp 120. He said he may have something in in the Fall of the year. Do Lange boots run small?
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I have seen a pair of Salomons (can;t remember the model, but it was an advanced boot) in UK size 15 - I guess that's around size 17US. They were specially ordered from Salomon, and took about 6 weeks to get, but they did make them that big.
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Originally Posted by nhearnest
Do Lange boots run small?
Only in the forefoot, instep, heel, and ankle areas.
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Footloose distribute Strolz for larger feet .......
although I don't think they market their Race boot as being in the same leauge as the top race boots.

You may also wish to try Dale boots
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The Stroltz USA site http://www.strolzusa.com/ has a number to call to find your nearest dealer.
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Lange makes the Medium Fit lasted boots up to size 14.5 USA.

Check http://www.langeskiboots.com/collectionframe.html
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i know nordica used to make the non race grand prix in 14-15(we use to rent them at a store oi worked at).
Heierling(they still show up even though they don't exisy anymore)/Lange/Nordica would be your best bets
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Salomon X waves up to 32.0

Salomon Evolutions Special order to a 34.

Nordica had the next up to a 34 or 36? 366mm sole lenght I think...

Just make sure 1-2 fingers between the shell and your heel regardless if you are a size 4 or 14.
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