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Opinions on Head Cyber XP 60 / XP 70

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Thinking of getting a shorter, livelier, quicker turning ski for the hardpack to complement my fat Salomon Supermountains...and I'm considering two skis which were precursors to Head's current nifty i.C 160 model. The two skis in question are also previous Heads (from 2002), the Cyber XP 60 (the softest and quickest of that lineup) and the slightly stiffer Cyber XP 70. Have found some private party sellers who are selling good, lightly-used models of each of these skis, for very reasonable (LOW) prices....so low in fact that I'm considering buying a pair without demoing them. But thought I should solicit some informed opinions, if anyone would care to offer them --

* What are the basic handling/performance differences between the XP60 and XP70? From what I've heard, the XP60 was one of the quicker turning skis of that series....as opposed to the heavier/stiffer XP80 or XP100's....but are the XP70's relatively close in terms of quickness/zippiness?

* Sizing. The eternal dilemma. Shoud I go for the 163's or the 170's? I'm around 5'10", 175 pounds, generally an advanced - but lazy - skiier...who doesn't mind letting my skis do the work for me. Any thoughts on the handling differences between these two sizes?

Thanks for all opinions and feedback...including opinionated ones!

-- Miguel
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Check out Peter Keelty's reviews of that years' lineup of Head skis at realskiers.com. I've skied a lot of the Heads, but not the XP 70, so I can't help you there, but Peter did say in his review that the XP 70 was the favorite of the group. As far as length goes, Heads sizing chart says 175 lbs. should be on a 170. Hope this helps.
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Can you do me a favor and tell me how to find/access Head's 'sizing chart'. I went to the Head skis website - at www.head.com - and couldn't find it anywhere.... where is this famous sizing chart, please?
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Here is the link for the Head Size Chart
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Hey Miguel:

After hanging out at this forum for a while and going down a few dead end streets, I figured out that XP 80s fit my needs. Bought them blind on ebay and am quite happy with the results and with the price paid.

I weigh 170 and stand 5'5" and the 170s fit me well. Perhaps the XP 80s will grip the hard pack a little better, but require a bit more effort on the turns. I guess the best I can do is let you know that I took a similar risk to what you are contemplating and it worked out fine.
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Miguel, check your PM...
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