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Bad tune?

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I dropped off my skis at the local shop to have the edges sharpened. They were new, but the factory tune wasn't very good and the edges had acculmulated some rust, so I figured what the heck. Anyway, I picked them up today, and while they seemed somewhat sharper and there some light scratches in the wax coat reminiscent of a ski vice, there was still quite a bit of rust still on the edges. Did I get a bum tune? If so, do you guys think I should take my buisness to the other shop in town or make sure that this shop does it right next time?

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A few years ago I stopped a "tuned while-U-wait" shop .... $20. The old boy did a quick pass on the grinder and never touched the sides a quick wax & buff and they were done .... and sucked!

Be wary of a shop that blew it, they may need a good hand tune. Did they do any work on the edges? Will they just run them over the grinder again?
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