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Medicine Ball Exercises

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I purchased a 6 and a 10 pound Nike medicine ball.

Does anyone have any websites that have good pictures on various exercises?
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Here you go! If you want to see more, you'll have to leave that Boston hell hole and come out to my studio in Colorado!
http://www.sissel-online.com/exercise_search.php?command=search&product=Medicin e+Ball&category=All&imageField.x=11&imageField.y=1 6
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I looked at Perform Better earlier, since they are usually my first choice for exercise handouts. Either something is up with their PDF, or my version of Adobe, but I am getting a bit of text , with no exercise photos. Maybe it just takes a long time to load up on dial up.
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Here's more:


You can also stan dome side up on the Bosu, jump up tossing the ball, catch the ball landing in a squat.

Check out the book Strength Ball Training for stability Ball/med Ball combos!
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Thanks for the additional links, Lisamarie. Dial up may be the culprit. The file is ~3M.
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