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Edge rusting solutions

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One tip I read to stop edges rusting is to wipe on a little vegetable oil on the metal edges after the skis have dried off before storing them. Sounds like a good idea but does anyone have any views on whether this could affect the base if (inevitably) a little bit of oil spreads over to the base?

Drying the skis before storing them is essential but in my experience doesn't stop all rust. I also know to try and polish the edges after they are filed to reduce rust and to store my skis out of their bag but does anyone have any other idea?

My Atomics can get a little rust but you should see one of my friend's Burton snowboards - the edges rust overnight!
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For long-term storage, I rub a soft wax (the same one I use for storage waxing) on the edges. A thin film is all you need to keep them clean. Zardoz also has a new additive that's supposed to "block rust", but I'm not sure about the long term effects of Zardoz on the bases. Polished edges also rust less, so make sure they're ding-free before you store them.
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I second rubbing wax on the edges. If you do not use a ski bag you should not have too much problem with rusting. Make sure you dry the skis very well and do not store them with the bases touching each other while they are drying (read, binding breaks locked together, etc). If you hot wax your own skis often, allow enough wax on the skis to get some on the edges for transportation purposes. Once you have skied thouroughly dry the skis and store them inside (not in a cold garageor someplace similar) where they any water you may have missed will evaporate quickly.
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First tune of the season grinds off all the rust, no worries!
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