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Lionshead/Vail Village question

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we are planning our visit to Vail. I was wondering if somebody familiar with the area could answer these questions.

1) How lively is Lionshead village?

2) How long does it take to walk from Lionshead to Vail village.

3) What is the quality of Vail21 condos in Lionshead? would you say it
is equivalent to a 3* property? is it run down? how does it compare
to some other in the lionshead village like Vail Spa condo, landmark etc.

4) also can somebody give me a sense of how far apart various facilities are in
the Lionshead village - the condos, gondola, ski school, rental - relative to each other.

(for these questions - any comparisions to tahoe, utah or whistler would be appreciated - as I have been there and I can relate to it better)

thanks in advance
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they are far enough at least 10min. that u probably want to take the shuttle like most do.
i'd put lionshead below whistler on nitelife and as good as anything in tahoe.
just go to vail.com for any location info. they have a great site.
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with that said. the shuttle runs all the time and on the shuttle it takes a couple of minutes to get there.
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As I don't often partake in the nightlife, I can't speak to the liveliness of Lionshead- it certainly has less going on than the Village, however.

You can walk from Lionhead to the VIllage in about 10 minutes; there is a free shuttle which runs very frequently, and they have these neat little electronic signs that tell you when the next bus is due (they must be GPS equipped).

Things in Lionshead are pretty compact- you can walk from the ticket office to the lifts/ gondola, rental places, coffee houses, condos, etc within a couple of minutes. Note, however, that there are some condos that may list themselves as being in Lionshead that are on the other side of I70, and these are not accessible by foot.
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I stayed at the Marriott lionshead last springbreak. It was a little further walk than I expected but still not that bad. I would say maybe 150 to 200 yards. I was expecting ski in ski out. I am not a big nightlife person but it seemed dead to me after 5:00 at lionshead but convenience to gondola, ski school, and ticket office was super. It could have just been wrong place wrong time. Like everyone else said the shuttle bus is really easy and really quick and I hate shuttle buses. The marriott property was great inside and out. But, just judging by outer appearances many of the lionshead condo's were a little worse for the wear. There was one set of newly remodeled condo's but I can not remember the name, maybe landmark.
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We were at Vail for the first time this past April and once you"re at the resort it couldn't be easier to get around via shuttle bus. I was a little leery of the advice to leave the car at our condo (Marriott in West Vail) and rely on the shuttle system, but it was great. BTW, I'm not a big fan of bus systems either and if I was happy traveling around with the wife and 2 kids on the buses, you will be too.

dady8tor is correct that the Lionshead area looks a little worn, but according to signs posted there, the entire Lionhead area is getting ready to go through a major overhaul. If I'm not mistaken, details of this refurbishment are on Vail's website.

As far as nightlife, Vail Village is the spot to head off towards. I'll have to admit though that we were so wasted after skiing all day that we mostly just ate a light dinner, hit the hot tub and crashed early to get ready to hit the lifts early the next day.

BTW, probably the best advice we got (from Ric Reiter) regarding skiing Vail was to skip the gonola line and hit the chair just to the left of the gonola. That probably saved us about 20-30 minutes of skiing time per day and provided easy access to both Mid Vail and the Eagles Nest areas.
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Lionshead is easier to get up the mountain in my opinion because you do have both the gondola and the lift to the left of the gondola. Lionshead also has convenient lockers, rental shops, etc. As for the apres ski, there are a few places near the bottom of the gondola that are fun as well as some great restaurants for breakfast / dinner. That being said Lionshead has a different 'feel' from Vail Village. Vail Village has a bit more of the European feel and a lot of character, more shopping/restaurants and nightlife. Also can be more expensive. We stay in the middle of both an simply use the shuttle since it's so convenient. Ski out of Lionshead and play in Vail Village! Have fun!
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Are there shuttles that take you from Lionshead to Beaver Creek or any of the other resorts?

Also are there any cinemas, outlet malls - near Vail/Lionshead (Wife is a non-skier). if yes, are there shuttles to them or are they within convenient driving distance?

thx in advance
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My wife is also a non skier. We went to vail/bc last spring break. She went up the highway to silverthorne to the outlet mall there one day. Seems like it might be 30 minute drive from vail but maybe just a little further. She really enjoyed the b/c village, lots of shopping and lots of other things going on. There was live music going on outside during spring break at a couple of places. Don't know if that was just spring break sunny weather activity though.
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