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Hi! - From New User

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Have just registered as a new user, having lurked (appropriate for a telemarker!) here for a while. I first came across Epic thanks to our mutual friend Fox over on the UK Snowheads site, and more recently was pleased to see some Epic people over on Snowheads during the recent downtime. I'd just like to say Hi to all Bears (Is that the term?) especially Physicsman and Martin Bell (we discussed Dasliders thread on Centrifugal Force etc over on Snowheads!)
As a matter of interest, does the 2005 Academy have the opportunity for Telemark instruction? (I would describe myself as low intermediate standard on Teles). I visited Big Sky and Bridger Bowl in 2003 - they are both excellent resorts
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I visited Big Sky and Bridger Bowl in 2003 - they are both excellent resorts
And you didn't stop by for a beer? I'm insulted. Look me up next time you're in the area & welcome to EpicSki.
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Hi Alastair - good to see you over here!
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Alastair - Another hearty welcome from me as well! BTW, you can rest assured that to their credit, most people here on Epic aren't like me, and don't give a hoot about centrifugal forces and the like.

BTW, I only saw a very short discussion of the Epic thread on Snowheads. Was there a longer discussion, and if so, what it the thread title?

W.R.T. telemarking, a good skiing buddy of mine is a certified telemark instructor and keeps urging me to try it, my daughter wants to try it, and just a day ago, out of the blue, I got an email from an old friend urging me to try it this season. So, I guess it's in the cards.

Anyway, hope you like what you see on Epic. We have a great bunch of people here.


Tom / PM
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Welcome Alastair!

We have had telemark instruction at the EpicSki Acdemy in the past, and it depends on the interest level in any given year. If there is a group of people who wish to do tele and are around the same skill level, then I'm sure there would be tele instruction available.

Jump in the forums and share your thoughts!
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Physicsman - I was only referring to the brief mention on Snowheads you saw - there wasn't a longer thread there.
As regards Telemarking, I first tried it for a day in 1988 at Crested Butte, Co. I'm sure you know it was the centre of revival in interest in Telemarking in America. At that time the boots were still leather and the skis were "skinny" and used the classic Rottafella (Norwegian for "rat-trap"!) 3 pin binding. Although I enjoyed it, I felt somewhat disconcerted by the feeling of less control over the skis than on Alpine gear. However, a few years later plastic Telemark boots came on the market, and whilst these still have the required fore/aft flex thanks to a bellows section, they have much improved torsional rigidity compared to a leather boot. There have also been several newer designs of binding come onto the market. So I would certainly say give Telemarking a go!
P.S Did you get my reference to "lurking" and Telemarking?
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Welcome to Epic, Alastair. Join in the fun and speak your mind.
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Yo, baby, yo!

Stay tuned, Alastair, for details of the annual EpicSki Gathering, to be held sometime (?) next season at Kicking Horse, British Columbia.
And welcome.
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As everyone else has said welcome to the boards!! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.
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Another new Alastair (M) here! Also on snowheads as 'Alastair' - I have a feeling I'm going to get a bit confused by this! Also found epicski through Snowheads, which seems to me to have been dropping off-line a lot in the past few days.

I'm a not very good intermediate, and ski mostly in the French Alps.
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Welcome, Alastairs! Alastair #1,I missed the pun until you pointed it out, just figured you meant telemarkers are kinda shadey types lurking around the hills. Most bears are alpinos, we don't know from lurks! (A single long pole like Mathias Zdarsky used early 20th century. Some telemarkers use lurks.)
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Lurking Bears, TeleBears, AlastairBears, Welcome All!

Lock into your bindings and enjoy the ride here. It gets a bit bumpy at times, but that's a good thing, no?
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You got the meaning of my pun. I've only tried skiing using a lurk once - as someone else said on one of the Epic tele threads here, it is a fun diversion. One neat exercise I did with a tele instructor once was to ski down side by side with him, holding the lurk between us and synchronising our turns (note - best done on uncrowded slopes)
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Yeah, I've carried the big stick. A norwegian girl was told by a Whitetail patroller that she couldn't use her lurk on our hill. I think she was kinda hurt by that, luckily she encountered Maury shortly thereafter. He said nonsense, go get it. He got to ride tandem with her and I guess the patrol got over it.
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