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Sand Skiing?

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I saw on CNN earlier today that somewhere in Europe they have been sand skiing using regular ski equipment: Has anyone here tried this or have and information on it rather?
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Here's an interesting thread from a few years ago on one bear's quest/obsession with skiing the Oregon Dunes (the largest expanse of coastal dunes in the world).

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We don't need no stink'n skis ;-)

Did that in the 60's when I lived in Cooz Bay,Orygone. Better know as Dog Bay. We used the front of a Water Ski, Cut it off just in front of the binding. Fiberglassed it, dripped wax on the top deck and put a bar in the pocket to rub on after each run. Went like a cat on fire down those dunes. We didn't need no stink'n skis.
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hmm i was thinkin about givin it a try but after reading that guys story...... I dunno
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I had a couple friends that took up sand skiing one summer at the dunes north of Coos Bay. They had fun but it was a lot of work. Walking uphill in the sand is very tiring. They bought used rental gear for the experience which was a good idea. The sand gets into your boots, bindings and clothes.
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Originally Posted by east_skiier04
hmm i was thinkin about givin it a try but after reading that guys story...... I dunno
Bear in mind a few things
1) I'm a pretty heavy guy at 240 pounds. Lighter folks get better results.
2) My glue failed on one ski cutting it short. Bad application. Nothing that says you have to go as extensive. Most folks do fine with just a set of beater skis and boots.
3) It had been raining/drizzling that week and the sand wasn't near as slippery as it could have been.
4) It would have worked better on a steeper pitch. I wimped out and didn;t use one of the steeper "marked runs" first.
5) I used a pair of pretty narrow skis. Wider is better. The folks who do it all the time tend to use a sandboard instead of skis.
6) It's a lark, not a full time hobby. Treat it as an adventure and have fun.
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I've done it at Sand Mountain State Park in Utah. It was an absolute riot. The sand is way slower than snow, so getting "forward" is not an issue. Keeping from going over the handlebars is.

Also, our sand was extremely fine and it didn't seem to do any damage whatever to the equipment. I hosed everything off after we were done and it looked and worked just lilke always.

I highly recommend the experience. You'll be glad you did it.

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You don't need no steenkin' snow OR sand, dude

'round these parts, real men ski on heaps of coal and don't complain -

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Bob Peters--
with all due respect, maybe the sand is fine enough around SLC to hose down good gear afterwards, but on the Oregon Coast it's grittier--this is the North Pacific. Whoever said buy last year's rental crap and play with it is on target. I spent last weekend in the Oregon Dunes, hiked them, etc. did not sand ski--but thought about it--and it's a great place to hang out.
So, two questions--who's done it, and where is Boeing Surplus?
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Saw a thread on that at TGR lately - with an additional spot in Illinois I guess.
Go and check there with search function.
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Originally Posted by sno'more
...and where is Boeing Surplus?
Two-three miles down the hill from where I work.

Boeing Surplus Sales
20651 84th S
Kent, WA 98032
Telephone: (206) 393-4065

Gotta go to shop though. You never know in advance what shows up in the "misc metals" area.
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