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Icon XT 17

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My current boot is the XT 17. From what i know this boot has a two position cuff alignment.
First i'd like to know what are these two positions in which the cuff can be aligned.
Then please explain to me how to adjust the cuff.

One more thing though - I asked Jeff Bergeron about this last season and he explained how to adjust the cuff for better edgehold( this modification pushes the cuff out). Is this one of the two positions? If so which is the other then?

From what i have read, many of you are using this model so there must be somebody who can answer.

Thanks a lot,
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It does not have the dual pivot adjustment that the regular Icons have. If you want to balance the XT, the 6 mm lift and grind kit is the way to go.
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Yes i know it doesn't have the Dual Pivot. But it does have a two position cuff alignment feature.
I asked Jeff Bergeron a couple of months ago and he explained what i believe was one of the two possible positions. Here is the link:


If you read carefully, you will notice that the adjustment he was reffering to moved the cuff out. Actually i wish to know what is the other possible position and also whether the cuff can be moved in or not.
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Jeff explained the position that you can change the cuff to from it's factory set position. The factory set position is one position, the position Jeff explained is the other. Two positions.
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6mm lift and grind kit

@mammoth, what is the "6mm lift and grind kit"?

Thanks, stvbck
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The lift and grind kit is designed to add 6mm to the sole of the XT - it has to be done by someone qualified and experienced in lifting a boot as it affects the DIN standard of your boot sole. The 'grind' part is that because you are adding material to the sole, you must take away material from the top of the toe and heel lugs.
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Thanks for the info. It sounds like this kit could be used to add ramp angle to the boot as well - I might want to increase my XT's ramp angle to match that of the Icon series that I'm used to.
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