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PSIA-NW GS Camp #1 Report

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Last weekend (July 16 - 18) I attended a PSIA-NW GS Race camp at Timberline, and it was a great experience. Skiing with the same coach three days in a row is better than a whole season of an hour and a half with somebody different every Saturday. I can't recommend one of these camps highly enough. The same probably goes for any multi-day camp, as long as you get a good coach.

Speaking of good coaches, mine was Rick Lyons. Rick is an instructor at my home mountain (Mt. Hood Meadows), so I already knew him, but we hadn't skied together very much before. Rick did a fantastic job. He gave me lots of personal attention, and lots of feedback, of both the "this is what you're doing well" and the "this is what you could improve" type. I think he found the key to helping me make a big necessary change in my skiing. People tried all winter to get me to understand how to move my hips during the turn, and I think I finally get it now. More mileage will tell for sure.

Rick was also very patient with me. I had brand new boots (Lange 120s) and they were killing me. So I was very slow and stopped a lot. I tried not to whine, but was unsuccessful. Rick always waited for me and made sure I was OK. Thanks, Rick!

Overall, the group I was in was not really concerned with racing, but just with skiing better. Other groups were more aggressive; so everybody fit in somewhere. The support staff did a wonderful job of resetting the courses every couple hours or so, putting salt down to help stay the slush, and providing us with snacks. The whole thing was very well organized; there were no hitches that I noticed. I'm guessing there were about 40 people attending the camp, so it was no small feat. Oh, there was one hitch: the video camera was not working on the first day, so we had no "before" shots. Oh well.

I'm going to the next GS camp this coming weekend. My boots have been worked on by the boot fitter, I have new custom insoles, and I'm raring to go. I think about my new and improved movements all the time and can't wait to work on them some more.

BTW, I believe there's still room this weekend if any of you PSIA types are interested. Last I heard they were going to be operating the camp at a loss because only 15 people were signed up. So come on, let's go make some turns!

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Sounds like you had a blast. Watch it- it could become addictive. We had a whole group of new Masters this past year who "weren't interested" in gates, but by the end of the season every one was there on race day to try to reach a new personal best

I hope PSIA keeps the camp going, perhaps with a bit more advertisement. The dedicated focus is good for the instructors, great for the students, and cant help but improve PSIA as a whole.
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Mike, the camps are pretty well advertised in the NW -- and they are PSIA-NW events, not national. I'm sure any PSIA person is welcome, though. There was a guy from Colorado in my group this weekend. I believe this was the 22nd year the camps have been held. You should come down next year!
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Weren't there some masters races out there this past weekend? One of the Tyrol instuctors was going to ski in them I think.
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Is Tyrol in Michigan? I rode the chair w a lady from Michigan on the GS day. It was her first race, which at once struck me as strange, yet impressive. SB - thanks for the good report. And coming to the next one too.
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No, Tyrol is in Wisconsin. But that sounds like her. Was she short with Fischers and talked a lot? Jeannie is origionally from Maine.
She told me she was third in the 40 age group.
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
Was she short with Fischers and talked a lot?
Hey, I rode up with her, too!
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And BTW, the second camp was even better, mainly because my boots weren't paralyzing me. Rick Lyons was my instructor again, and I continued to work on letting my inside hip lead. I'd say I made some good improvements. The video was working both days, so that was good. The only downside to the second camp versus the first was that the snack lady had gone home, so there was no cheese. Oh well, like Bob Seger says, you can't have it all.
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Jeannie is unforgettable. She's incredibly motivated. I wish the kids were half as motivated as her. She's come a long way in the last couple years.
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Short - Check
Fischers - Check
Talked a lot - Check


She did seem incredibly motivated. I think she may have said something about this being her third year skiing.

Third in the 40 age group. I know it was a big field overall. The fastest overall guy in the GS was 60. I think it was his third race since the big 6-0 that he skied fastest. How cool is that?

I'm glad you had a good time sue.

Heh, I can't wait to call Molly 'snack lady'
I wonder what kind of response that will get...
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Oh no, I'm in trouble now. See, this is what I get for not being "in the know" about who people really are. Molly is probably famous and highly important in PSIA, and everybody knows what her real role is, but me, I'm just some lowly kidski drone who apparently doesn't hang out with the right people, and then all I end up knowing about Molly is that she's from the East coast and she bought the snacks. I'm sure she didn't come all that way just to buy us snacks. (But she did a great job with the snacks.)

So next year it'll be "Here's your snacks, lots of cheese for everybody! Except Sue -- you just get an old box of Liv-A-Snaps." Thanks, Roto.
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