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Binding Suggestions for Legend 4800

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To the Experts:

Getting close to that time and am thinking of picking up some Dynastar Legend 4800's. Any suggestions as to bindings? On one site the ski had Nova NX-11's.

All weather indications here are for an early fall.....

Thanks, the Mainiac.
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Depending on your normal DIN setting either get the Look Pivot 10 Ti or the Look Pivot 12 Ti. If your DIN is 8 or higher go with the 12. I have Look Pivot 12 Ti's on some skis and can't say enough good about them. They are lighter than my other Look bindings, they have never prereleased (which is amazing because I ski lots of crud and moguls on them) and they have always released when they are suppose to.
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You beat me to it. The Look Pivot 12 ti's and the Rossi Power 120 ti's, which are basically the same, are my favorite bindings. I think you'll be hard pressed to find a lighter, more reliable binding.
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Rio & Coach13

thankew, ordered the skis and got the 12's.

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I got the P12Ti on my Legend 8000s and the whole setup freakin rules.
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Maniac, so why you buying the Dynastar Legend 4800's ?

I think its an excellent ski BTW. Just curious what made you buy this ski?
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I wanted a general ski for fluffy Western skiing; something with a fatter waist than my R10's or AX3's, which work fine in the icey East. Dynastar seems to make no nonsense stuff at a good price. And it took me a while to review all the styles out there. The forums here certainly helped; they are gold mines for technical information from real applications.

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Mainiac, As I said in a previous post I tested the Legend 4800 and was extremely impressed with how well they carved on groomers, in crud on the side of the trail, and in the hard bumps. Given there 75mm waist they should be excellent in deep powder. Good luck with them. I just may get a pair of them myself.

One thing to remember when talking skis. Just like speakers are more important than the Receiver. Good boots that fit your feet are more important than the skis. Orthotics may be the best investment you will ever make. There not kidding when they say everything starts with the feet. When I travel, the airlines can loose my skis but they can not loose my boots. My boots travel stay me on the plane.
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I do have Atomic R:10 boots; I originally got them with my 2003 R1020 skis and bindings as a package. They fit me just about perfectly, and boost my confidence tremendously when I turn. I have had no technical failures with them, save for the extreme cold of Sugarloaf, Maine, which permeated the boots and forced me to limit my skiing to about an hour. It is expensive to go cheep.
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Hi Mainiac I noticed in your first post on this thread you said:
All weather indications here are for an early fall.....
I to have seen some indications in the PNW! But passed it off because I thought it was a Skier moment. :
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slider many folks here in the Piedmont of South Carolina have noticed that perennials which bloom in mid August have bloomed in mid July: about a month early. We all pray for a quick end to summer because the steam heat is miserable....it's pretty much too hot to even go outside and sip a beer. I was just fishing at North Edisto River Inlet on the coast and the water temp was 86F....I guess I had a skiers moment........

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The other day the wife said she noticed 1 of the Horses has started to "coat up". It still 90's here and the middle of fire season. Also have seen the start of Canadian Honkers flying South. Lots of Apples on the trees too. Time will tell.
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Last Saturday Boulder had a record low high of 58 degrees. It was cool all week.

Another interesting weather note is the monsoonal flow. My daughter went to camp in the Indian Peaks area and the guy said there has not been a day this summer without measureable rainfall.

If the moisture continues we could be in for quite a snowpack.
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